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One morning early during one of the Wichita Shows Mr. Harry Trego of Halstead, Kansas and Elmer L. Ritzman of Enola, Pa. went to see an engine. Harry knew where it was and Elmer tagged along. As you can see it took a big shed to hold it. You could tell by
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John Parolek of Schuyler, Nebraska 'in deep thought' and his return flue model which he showed at Mt. Pleasant last September.
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Here is a picture of the Case 50 engine taken at the Pioneer Day Parade of the North Central Missouri State Fair in September, 1962. The men in the picture are, from left to right, R. E. Overton, owner of the low boy truck, H. K. Petterson and Bob Freeman
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This is a picture of a coal shovel near Cadiz, Ohio. It is mostly down in a pit. but I happened along while it was being moved on top of a hill. I figured here was a chance to show how big it was, but you have to look closely to see the men working under
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A snap of the steam calliope which was built by our Grotto here in Warren last spring. We built it for parade purposes, and have really had some fun with it as most kids have never seen one and many old timers have their memories refreshed when they see a
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Uncle Lee got tired of smelling this new kind of oil, so he installed a tallow cup on the old Advance Rumely. (Note-left hand). Says 'There is nothing like tallow for engines and it smells like an engine. 'He once saved a large plant a car of co
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Lee, Susan and Ole Rumely. Susan is a niece to former President John Wilson of Pickering Governor Co. (around 1910). John Wilson lived in Hartford, Conn. and died in 1919, just before starting to Europe. She has his picture (made in London) with a London
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4 hp Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies Tractor No. 23266, Year 1910 Owner: R. G. Pratt, Capel St. Mary. For several years this was Ransome's demonstration engine and it went to both the Yorkshire and Smithfield shows in 1910 and the Dublin show in 1911. It lat
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Threshing scene of 1897 in Oklahoma. Father on engine, me on coal bunker and mother in cook-shack.
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A double Frick standing near Murfreesboro, Tenn.
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