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No, it wasn't an illusion. There sticking up in the overgrowth of palmetto and scrub is a real steam locomotive. My wife and I had left the main road a few miles back on our way to a fishing camp on the St. John's River in Florida when I thought I saw the
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Myself and 20-40 Rumely Oil Pull. I have just finished giving her a good workout on the Hammer Mill and backed out of the belt. If you listen real close, you may imagine still hearing her chugging away.
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Vincent Mulherin, 'The Moline Kid' cutting wheat at Granville, Ohio with his 1917 Moline Universal and a 7 foot Deering binder. This machine has come a long way back and when the extension rims and spade lugs are in place it plows as well and is
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Here is a photo and description of a steam engine that blew up. It happened at Wolf Point, Montana one spring morning in 1924 about 4 a.m. The crew, engineer, fireman and student fireman, had banked the fire and went to eat. The water was below the crown
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Brittenham Park Rally, 1962. Michael Salmon's Burrill Tractor 'Peter Pan' (nearest camera). This is a Showman's Engine with special fittings.
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25 HP Huber at the 1962 Pioneer Engines Reunion, Honeoye Falls, N. Y.
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Here is a picture of the Case separator 36' x 58', Serial 42054, my two brothers and I (Winter Bros.) bought in 1905 and used it through 1944 for custom work. We put in a few 60 to 100 days fall stack threshing. It was always covered with canvas
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Here is a picture of the model Case that I have built. Ted Lange, Hector, Minnesota made the boiler for me. It is a scale 2-1/3' to ft. Case 80 overall length, 48', 11 flues 3/4'x 18' long, rear wheels 14' diameter, 4' face,
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A Keck Gonnerman Traction, No. 1845. A 34 hp. Near Cedar Hill, Tenn.
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This ox-driven outfit is the only one of its kind in the world. The thresher was built in 1890. I broke the cattle to the yoke, I made, along with the bows, the forgings and chains. This outfit was a star attraction at Terraceville, U.S.A., 1959 where sev
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A 25-50 Avery and a 30-60 Oil Pull. Owned by C. A. Harsch, 2929 East Nebraska, Spokane 28, Wash. See Mr. Patterson's letter.

The explosion shook the town like an earthquake. Mr. Chas.
Fletcher who was in Wolf Point at the time was awakened out of
sound sleep five blocks away. It blew the boiler up and ahead of
the bottom of the engine, while the smoke stack hit the rail and
broke it in two.

We also have a Case 80, No. 30661, built in 1913. I operated the
rig at the I960 Pipestone Co.Fair. I have been wondering how many
thresher men have the separator that they started with when they
were boys.

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