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Case Engine and mill - 1901, Logan Co., Ohio. Owned by J. W. Tapp.
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PORTABLE MULEY SAW MILL. As made for Ten-Horse Threshing Engines, A portable Muley Saw Mill of A. Gaar & Co., in 1870. How many of you ever saw one work? I never even saw one.
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A steam Log Hauler at a Wisconsin logging operation in 1907.
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A mighty Minnesota Giant Engine, 16 HP, return flue boiler. This was taken in February, 1957 at Hopple, North Dakota.
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Getting up steam at Miller's Affair in August 1957 at Yacolt, Washington.
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Threshing near Gaither, Arkansas about the turn of the century. J. I. Case Agitator with Dingee-Woodbury horsepower. Albert Trotter and Orin Cole were the owners. This was the last horsepower threshing rig that operated in the Crooked Creek Valley of nort
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This picture was taken at the strip minefield where I work. I am the one with the hat on, standing by the bucket.
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Here is a picture of a self propelled baler owned by Paul Groenway of Rock Valley, Iowa.
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This picture was taken at the 1952 or 53 Central States Thresherman's Reunion at Pontiac, Illinois. I do not know who had This outfit.
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This is one of my large grain cleaning mills. It can clean 400 bushels per hour and treat the same time. I had this cleaner around Blackwell, Oklahoma cleaning wheat.
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My Advance Rumely model under construction. The engine was almost complete here except for the plumbing. The boiler is all copper 1/16' thick and is riveted up as in real engine. Every nut bolt pipe connection, etc., is all home made.
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