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Courtesy of Dennie Magnuson, Center City, Minnesota 1910 Russell 20 hp. Steam Engine, No. 14966 Owned by Dennie Magnuson of Center City, Minnesota. Dennie is wearing the straw hat and that's his good friend Gilmar Johnson of Frederic, Wisconsin at the thr
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Courtesy of Justine J. Hingtgen, La. Motte, Iowa Harry Woodmansee operating 15-45 Case owned by Ray Kemerer of Zwingle, Iowa
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Courtesy of M.W. Hillhouse, R. D. 1, Iowa Falls, Iowa 50126 Willits engine which I operated this fall at Mount Pleasant, Iowa because Mr. Willits was in poor health and could not do it himself. My partner, Earl Robinson of Collins, snapped this picture of
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Courtesy of Wm. Gayer Rock Valley, Iowa 51247 Unusual snapshot, I think, of a 50 hp Case Steam Boiler set on end by Neil Miller of Alden, Iowa. Neil is beside the boiler. He. plans on putting parts of different Case engines together and build up a steam e
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Courtesy of Mr. Joe. J. Balkenol, Lismore, Minnesota A 1915 scene! Al Greig and I owned this outfit which consisted of a 22 HP Minneapolis Engine and 36-62 Minneapolis Separator with a Garden City Feeder and Hart Paar Wing Feeders.
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Courtesy of Leo Clark,105 Harvey St., Washington, Illinois. A strip view of the National Threshers Reunion at Wauseon, Ohio, 1965. The activity is well portrayed in the picture. Leo did a good job, as usual.- Elmer
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Courtesy of Leo R. Clark, 105 Harvey St., Washington, Illinois. This was a display at the Mount Pleasant Reunion for the past two years, which we considered one of the most interesting and attractive display we have seen for a long time. Mr. Leo Clark too
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Courtesy of Mr. Diedrich L. Dalke, 14 Auburn Ct., Alexandria, Virginia An all day job ahead around 1900. Dougles Garber, Nort on, Kansas was the owner of this outfit.
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Courtesy of Mr. Diedrich L. Dalke, 14 Auburn Ct., Alexandria, Virginia The Anthony Homestead, Norton, Kansas. This probably was taken around 1875. It is a sod house.
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