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Ray Laizure looks over the gearing on a 12 hp. Schidler owned by Howard Schultz of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Note the arrangements of the cleats on the rear wheels and also the location of the valve on the outside of the cylinder.
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Is a home being hauled by a 25-75 George White engine for 20 miles across country roads. The trip lasted for two days. Operator was John A. Fehr.
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Notice the steam dome sitting on the right of center on the boiler. I understand that this is an exclusive of the Schidler.
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Courtesy of Isaac L. Friesen, R. R. 1, Box 412, Winkler, Manitoba, Canada. This photo was taken in the summer of 1925. It is a combination home and cattle barn being moved by two 25-75 George Whites. (The engine with roof is owned by the mover, John A. Fe
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Turbine type windmill at Prairie City, Iowa. This turbine has vertical shaft, adjustable shutters around outside to regulate and stop it and drives pump through bevel gear. I drove by this for ten years thinking it was a little farm water tower, till I ha
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Note the construction of the bull gear on picture. Mr. Schultz has owned this engine since the early 1920's. He is in the process of restoring it. It is one of the few remaining Schidlers in existence. Ray Laizure, the late Sherman Busby and myself took a
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My 3'' scale 65 Case and one of my 17 great grandchildren taken in Yakima, Washington. I am building it in my son-in-law's shop. Hope to have it finished in winter of 69-70. Courtesy of E. S. Hamilton, Baudette, Minnesota 56623.
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You talk about men who love steam! Here's one he came all the way from Alameda, California and I am sure he is a Reeves man. I asked him for his picture every man has a favorite engine and I think he has a good one. Good luck Mr. Skaar hope to see you
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A wood slitter powered by an upright engine attached to an upright boiler will be operating Fri-Sat-Sun, April 10-11-12, 1970, at Antique Acres, Cheraw, S. C. The wood splitter was made in Greensboro, N. C. The engine casting outlines, quote ''Penna. Agrl
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Here's a ''dyed in the wool'' steam man. He's got a good Advance engine and he keeps her that way. He was in my outfit for awhile in World War II. He is Mr. Dean Schellhouse. He's a good man with an engine. Taken at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, 1969. Courtesy of
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My son-in-law and two of my great grandchildren. Courtesy of E. S. Hamilton, Baudette, Minnesota 56623.
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Engine No. 3759, Kingman, Arizona. When the Santa Fe Railroad converted to diesel fuel, this mighty ''Iron Horse'' of the coal burning days was given to the city of Kingman. Courtesy of Wm. J. Yohe, R. D. 3, Spring Grove, Pennsylvania 17362.

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