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My two foot gauge steam locomotive and I believe it to be the only two foot gauge German Steam Locomotive in Canada. It is built by Henschel & Son in Kassel, Germany, 1936. It weighs 8 ton dry. It has all copper fire box and stay bolts, hydrostatic test 2
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HOME-MADE STEAM BOAT: - This is Angereau McConnell with his poor man's cruiser. To run on Herrington Lake here in Kentucky, all he needs is a bucksaw to get his fuel as he goes. Water for engine is no problem! The engine has fire tube boiler with two osci
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Is a picture of an engine I built in 1969, a 3 x 4 cylinder with Woolf reverse gear. I would like to see some information published in the ALBUM from some of the older and experienced Iron-Men regarding boiler safety and care for the model engines. Inform
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Chester Scheffel from Kent on his steamer at Burton, Ohio in 1969. He hauled engines in and out of Meet on his low boy-a great steam man. His Dad threshed for us in the late 1920's on Beckwith farm. Courtesy of E. K. Beckwith, 235 E. School Street, Kent,
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Side view of Bay City steam pile driver working on bridge. Boiler is vertical with 72 flues, two cylinder, 100 hp. engine. I once fired X 4 pile driver like this from 1939 to 1946 for M. & St. L Railroad. Art Ranshow was engineer from Waterville, Minnesot
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Bay City steam pile driver at bridge two miles north of Badger driving piling. Five ton hammer gives a ten ton push at every lick. It stands on piling and jumps up and down.
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Traveling on its own power. I have driver 48, 32 ft. piling one day. X 4 had steam air pump for brakes, also steam turbine generator for lights. Two Penberthy injectors - a good steamer, 1918 vintage. Courtesy of Raymond Thompson. 626 Main Street, Box 94,
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Fenton Powell, is cleaning the valve gear on a 125 hp. Corliss Engine. Fenton has done a real job in restoring this engine to new condition. During the Mt. Pleasant Show, Fenton gives lectures on the development of the steam engine which is well received
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My engine shed under construction, size 51 X 90 feet. It has seven drive-in doors on the sides and two more on the end where the crane is working. Four of the side doors are opposite each other which permits driving in one side door and out the other end.
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The last two arrivals noon May 28, 1969. It was 92 degrees in the shade. I have 120 acres here, good land and mostly level nice to move threshing rigs around. Put in some oats so as to have a little threshing in the fall. Courtesy of George Bednar, Route
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This is where the four engines and two separators had to be unloaded due to the wet ground and where they stayed over the winter.
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The proud owner displays the details of his radio controlled, steam powered model boat to a group of interested spectators at the 1969 Florida American Royal Gas and Steam Engine Round-Up: Photo by Denis. Courtesy of Col. Houston L. Herndon, Box 5363, Sa
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