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Demy & Lind Machine at work on the W. B. Jones farm, threshing wheat raised by I. Z. Smith, that yielded 35 bushels to the acre. R. O. Baird, Artist. Photo graphed Astoria, Illinois, July, 1900. Photo by Lloyd Lehman, Peoria, Illinois. Courtesy of Frank H
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Everett Renfrew and family on his 20 HP Jumbo engine, built by Harrison Machinery Company, Belleville, Illinois. Left to right: Everett, his father, George Renfrew, age 80 (died at 85), Bobbie, Everett's son, and son-in-law Sam Drumeller holding Bobbie's
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My grandfather, George Walker, in his Maxwell car. Courtesy of Basil Dare, La Belle, Missouri 63447.
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My father's Russell threshing rig. My father, Harry Dare, has his foot on drive wheel. Other men standing are Seldon Walker, engineer and Archie Elevengood, water hauler. Courtesy of Basil Dare, La Belle, Missouri 63447.
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A photo of my steam tractor and thresher models at the Ontario Steam & Antique Preservers, Assn. Show at Milton, Ontario, Canada. This show is one of the biggest in North America. Courtesy of Jack C. Norbeck, 117 Ruch Street, Apt. 8, Coplay, Pa. 18037.
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After the rice has been put through this machine, the grains are then put through another machine which takes a chaff-like shell off of it. The photos are of this machine. The rice is placed in the bin on top of the machine. A sliding board at the bottom
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Is a better view of the Turner outfit on the move. Courtesy of E. J. Buhr, Maymont, Saskatchewan, Canada.
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Lower picture is at the Tri-State Show at Hookstown, Pennsylvania in September of 1971. Jimmie Stiffler standing by the big 110 Case belted to the baker fan. Courtesy of Abram E. Johnson, 80 Steurrys Road, Marion, New York 14505.
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Is the T. Turner outfit at the end of the fall run at Maymont, Saskatchewan.
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A Steam-up at the Johnson's. 1912 40 HP Case with Cathy, the engine dog, Wm. Johnson, Myron Heim and Mary Johnson. Parked by the ole steamer is Model C and L 1 Case tractors, all are sawmill and thresher engines.
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Steam models built by M. G. Hartley. Courtesy of M. G. Harley, 8001 Ridge Road, Gasport, New York 14067.
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Real working model sawmill with engine that was built by Mr. Hartley. Courtesy of M. G. Harley, 8001 Ridge Road, Gasport, New York 14067.
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