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The top picture (in color) shows an 1892 Buffalo Pitts engine and a c. Aultman 'American' separator, Sattley swinging stacker. 12 miles north of Peoria, Illinois, threshing oats. Courtesy of H. T. Rice, Mossville, Illinois.
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This picture was sent us by R. D. Hall, Ewell, Michigan. Neither of us have any information on it. It is just a typical old time threshing picture. Just look it over and enjoy it. If your picture is on it let us know. --Elmer.
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At Kinzer Reunion August 1959. D. L. Dalke at the throttle.
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At Kinzer Reunion August 1959. D. L. Dalke at the throttle.
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Harold is always skimpy with his information. All it said was -- Galesburg - 1959. I think the picture will give you most of the information.
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'Coming home' the day after the 1958 Sports day 'Parade'. We tied the five behind the old 1910 Case '20' and pulled them home. All got there the day before under their own power.
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Picture was taken in 1922 of an all Huber outfit owned by Willard Stansbery of Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Mr. Stansbery at the steering wheel.
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The 18 hp Colean engine exhibited at the Mt. Pleasant Reunion 1959. We do not know to whom it belonged but it was a nice engine. We had only seen two of these engines - a larger one at Pontiac some years ago and this one. This smaller one seemed more comp
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3 hp Wallis and Steevens 3 ton Roller, No. 7940, Year 1928, owned by W. A. Vincent of Cotton. This unique and quite unorthodox steam roller was called the 'Simplicity' and very few were built. This one was purchased by the present owner for pre
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This is a picture of our 1959 Jamboree. There were sis more big engines.
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Old Pennsylvania Railroad Engine 706 in work train service just east of Paragon, Indiana, in early 1890's. (Note link coupler on pilot.) Man standing in gangway is O. R. Breeden, retired PRR Train Dispatcher (at that time Station Agent at Paragon. Firem
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THE SIDE DOOR CASE. The cover picture on the July-August 1959 issue of the Album showed this old Case engine in action. We were not sure of the make at that time but it was determined to be a Case. We now have a very clear picture of the left side of the
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'Old Power on a New Machine.' A 12-20 Rumely Oil Pull belted to a New Holland Ensilage blower, blowing corn silage into an incomplete silo. The little Oil Pull would run the blower if not fed too heavy. A forage blower turns exceptionally hard w
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3 hp Wallis and Steevens 4 ton roller, No. 2660, Year 1903, owned by Michael Salmon of Llandrindod wells. Originally built as a tractor for road haulage work, it was converted into a Roller by the makers after the 1914-18 war and worked commercially for 5
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This is one of a number of such Daguerreotype photographs taken about 1850 by Abel Fletcher who started this type of photography in Massilon, Ohio in 1845. This looks like the Pitts machine which was evidently leased to several to build. You will note th
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Copy from a Daguerreotype of Massilon, Ohio, about 1850 by Abel Fletcher. Fletcher was a pioneer photographer of Massilon who started taking Daguerreotypes in 1845, only six years after the public announcement of the process.
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A 28-80 J. I. Case owned by George Down of Holland and belting up at the 1959 Thresher's Reunion at the Manitoba Memorial Agricultural Museum at Austin, Manitoba. Operators are Fred Harrison at the throttle and Frank Dunn holding the belt.

Reunion Gems, R. D. 1, Mechanicsburg, Pa.

We are assuming that the building with the sign in the
foreground is the early beginnings of Russell & Co.

A threshing and baling scene near Port Royal, Pennsylvania, July
1911. Case threshing outfit with Kinzer swinging stacker. Huber
engine on the baler. We do not know the the make of the baler. This
is unusual in that it is a ‘western’ scene in the East .At
that time and place threshing was not done in the field. The
threshing and baling in one operation was an experiment. It worked
providing they controlled the speed of the feeding. I want my
mid-western friends to note the ‘bundle’ wagon. The man on
the engine cab is my father. — Elmer.

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