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Here is a picture of the last steam engine built by the Sinker-Davis Co., Indianepolis, Indiana. It was installed in the plant of Davis Cooperage Co., Martinsville, Indiana in 1941 after fire had destroyed part of the plant. The engine is still in service
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Here is a picture of a 24 HP Minnespolis high pressure boiler that has been completely reconditioned and is just like new.
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Nichols & Shepard Steam Engine-picture was taken at Mt. Pleasant, la. in Sept. 1955. Built by Jacob E. Loewen. He started to build in 1951 in Oct. and finished in 1955. It required about 2000 to 3000 hours. I made all my own patterns and machined all the
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Hereis a picture of my 1/3 scale model R. F. Avery
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Here is a picture of my Model Case, scale 2-l/3'to the ft. of Case 65 hp. the specifications are as follows; Cylinder-1-7/8', Bore 2' stroke, Barrel of boiler 6' in diameter, 11 flues ' in diameter-18' long, Rear wheels 14&qu
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Here is a picture of Syrus Halverson standing by the engine, Case 40, brought in by Paul Mansbach of Huron, South Dakota. This picture was taken at the Halverson Steam Threshing Demonstration at Egan, South Dakota on October 20th and 21st. There was a sma
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40 years age this fall-20 hp N. & S. double side-mount, threshing oate north of Marseilles. Owned by Abel's father and uncles. Later, they presented Abel with the engine. In the 30's it was junked and Abel wants someone to kick him.
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(Vice President and Gen. Manager of Danuser Machine Works,

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Danuser pleased with a good engine.

This is the same engine that was written up several years ago on
out-pulling the D-7 Caterpillar. She was built in 1916 and is now
located in Oklahoma.

Here is a photo of my 3 inch scale traction which I finished
about 2 years ago. It is a free-lance model with 2 cylinders 2′
x 2-3/8′ 2 speeds, final drive by chain and runs about 2 mph in
low gear with the engine revving 550 rpm.

On this engine everything except the cyl-block was built up by
welding and brazing, as I do not like pattern making for one off

I would like to have this picture reproduced in your magazine,
just to show your nice fellows that here in Austria the enthusiasm
for steam is still alive. Many thanks in advance!


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