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Here is a picture of my 16 hp Gaar Scott Engine, No. 10061, built in 1902, I guess. I bought this engine in May 1963 and am busy restoring it. The family of the late owner did not have much information on it except he had bought it used in 1914. I had it
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This threshing scene was photographed 60 miles northwest of Jamestown, North Dakota. You can see a 25 hp Reeves engine and a 36060 Reeves Separator. This was a straw burning engine. I am on the Smokey end of the black Monster.
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Here is a picture of the 22 hp Advance No. 13586 Straw Burner with Lafeverboiler owned by Everett Althaus, Sublette, Illinois. Minneapolis corn shelter is owned by Clement Bauer, LaMoille, Illinois. Shelling Corn at George Althaus farm on September 20, 19
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Here is a picture of my engine on which I built the frame and used binder wheels and axles in the rear. Front wheels and axle are from a horse drawn disc. I gathered up the parts to put it in working order engine with 110 lbs. steam pressure. Works swell.

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