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Big Mama and Paul Cole's model Baker Mare & Colt affair we were glad to have Paul with us this year and hope he has enjoyed our show as much as we enjoyed having him and his little Baker. I have been trying to trade Paul even up and I think he would if
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Shots of some nice engines at the Burton Ohio Steam Meet in 1969. Courtesy of E. K. Beckwith, 235 E. School Street, Kent, Ohio 44240.
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This picture appeared in a weekly paper that went out of business about twelve years ago. Courtesy of Leonard Haugen, 4539 France Ave. So., Minneapolis 10, Minnesota
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Many engineers from throughout the country came to the North Central Illinois Steam Power Show held at Kings in August of 1969. One of the greatest features at this show is horse power threshing, using 6 team of draft horses and mules to power the ancient
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Threshing September 6, 1969, on the Johnson Farm. Engineer is Ed Troutman of Brookville, Ohio. Assistant engineer, Cathy (dog), always on engine when it is running. Standing is Ken Fields, thresher helper and A. E. Johnson, owner of Case thresher and engi
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1'' scale Shay working steamer, built by man from Mentor, Ohio who has three locomotives - Mr. Bleil. This is at the July meet in Burton, Ohio. Picture taken with a 1905 box camera. Courtesy of E. K. Beckwith, 235 E. School Street, Kent, Ohio 44240.
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