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A picture of the Olander Bros. saw mill at East Union in Carver County, Minnesota. Carl Olander is sawing and Wm. Olander is engineer. It is a 20 hp. double cylinder Reeves engine. This was about 1930. Courtesy of Florian C. Karl, Jordan, Minnesota 55352.
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This is my engine, a 40 hp. Case, No. 33578. The shot of this engine was taken at Central State's Reunion at Pontiac, Illinois. On the engine is John Parolek of Schuyler, Nebraska, is the former owner and myself. Courtesy of Ray Dement, R. F. D. 1, Clinto
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This photo was taken at 11:30 P.M. 20 flash shots were used to make this picture. It is No. 1286 Canadian Pacific owned by Red Clay Valley. It's on the Pope's Creek Branch of the Penn Central R.R. at Marlboro, Maryland, Saturday, August 16, 1969. This is
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Myself and 50 Case at Murray Centennial in 1968. Courtesy of Leland Ries, Box 33 Murray, Iowa 50174
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V4 Steam Auto engine, one of its kind. I purchased it in March of 1969 from a fellow in South Bend, Indiana. It belonged to his uncle in Whiting, Indiana. It is brand new and has never been used. The engine is 31/8x4 1/2 single action with poppet valves a
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Holley Engines at Columbus, Ohio. Courtesy of Colonel Norman D. Stuckey, 5815 Upper Valley Pike, Dayton, Ohio 45424
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This is my hobby building pony wagons. This one I built for my granddaughter. Courtesy of Ray Dement, R. F. D. 1, Clinton, Illinois 61727.
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