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Wing Feeder, Taken during the Fall of 1925 of the Myrah Rig, 1 mile east of Spring Grove, Minn. Courtesy of Rudy Clemmensen, 833 Grand Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 55105
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Newcomers to the Eshelman Show in 1973 were Mr. and Mrs. Leighton of Griswold. They had the job of making the shapeless pile of oats straw into solid blocks. These are ''real'' bales, the kind that give backaches. Courtesy of Roger L. Eshelman, Box 36, C
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This is a Westinghouse steam model, around 1900. Made by Jacob. Courtesy of Jacob Vanderhoff, 4725 Burger Drive, Eugene, Oregon 97402
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This is Hugh Chisholm's Goodison engine made in 1918, at Sarna, Ontario, Canada.
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They are feeding bricker separator at the start of Waterloo, Ontario Chow. L. to r.: Isard Gaeger feeding, Russ Wilson cutting bands and Dan Hallahan pitching sheaves. Courtesy of Russell Wilson, Huron Pioneer Thresher Assn. Blyth, Ontario, Canada.
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This is our 1913 8 x 10 Frick Engine. This engine was brought to Ontario about 20 years ago by Mennonites. Since then it has been used for steaming tobacco greenhouses in the Delhi area. This in the only Frick engine in Ontario that we know of in operati
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The Spring Grove Engines are owned by Allen Hoxie of Genoa, Edmond Worden, Seneca Falls and Charles Hitchcock, Levanna - all New York Pictured 1. to r. Birdsall 8-1/2 x 10, Serial No. 3360, made in Auburn, New York; Frick 8 x 10, Serial No. 16858; Homem
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This picture shows an old jig-saw, pedal power, just inside the main museum building.
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This is A. C. Eshelman's 19-65 Port Huron steamer operated by Ron Hart of Villisca, Iowa, under the direction of engineers, Eddie and Dallas Fidler of Clarinda, Iowa.
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This Cut Represents a Traction Engine that Speaks for Itself.


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