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Wilbur Ries of Murray, Iowa was on hand with his homemade steam carousel. We hope Wilbur will bring it back for this year's show.
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Dave Eshelman helping Donald Peterson with the last load of bundles on Sunday afternoon at Eshelman's Show. Everyone enjoys seeing the horses at work. This team belongs to Donald Peterson.
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Ray Smith , Elliott, Iowa handles the shingle saw during the 1973 show. Raymond is a regular at the show, helping wherever needed. Courtesy of Roger L. Eshelman, Box 36, College Springs, Iowa 51637.
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Quentin Shultz of Griswold, Iowa limbers up his Case 50 steam engine on the fan built by A. C. Eshelman. This engine is a beauty and in top condition.
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This picture shows a lineman's hand car on display. It is in front of and on the tracks of the Old Atlantic Northern and Southern R.R. Depot [Atlantic, Iowa]. The depot was the Sciola Station and was moved to the present location by A. C. Eshelman and r
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Gale Eshelman pitches straw in from the ground while Mr. Leighton feeds the hungry machine. Courtesy of Roger L. Eshelman, Box 36, College Springs, Iowa 51637.
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Frick engine, 9 x 10, built in 1911, Serial Number 14,935. Picture was taken at Alexander, New York in 1968. This engine used to tresh around Freedom, New York. It is now used for steam shows. It is owned by a very good friend of mine, Ernest Wells of Del
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This picture was taken Labor Day weekend, 1973. It is of the Famous Maple Creek [Sask.] Show at the ranch of John Stewart. Both of these Nichols & Shepard steamers are Double Simple. The 20 x 75 has a canopy which keeps the sun off the engineer, who happe
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This 1915 Reeves 32 x 110 double simple, was the most popular of the five Reeves owned by W. H. Jurney & Sons, of Vulcan, Alberta. It stayed in the family for twelve years. My Uncle Loyd Jurney, [now residing at 666 Elles St., Apt. #405, San Francisco, Ca

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