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Back in the summer of 1988, Raleigh Wolt-mann and his wife
visited our office while in town for the annual Rough and Tumble
Engineers reunion in nearby Kinzers. Raleigh showed us some slides
he had from early engine shows, some of which are reprinted on this
page, for the benefit of those who remember the shows, or new
readers who have heard the names but not seen the faces! The top
photo is from June 26, 1948 at the 4th Blaker get-together. LeRoy
Blaker is at left, and L.K. Wood of Mendon, Utah, is in the center.
The man at the right is unidentified , but maybe someone knows who
it is!

Elmer Ritzman, who founded Iron Men Album almost 45 years ago,
is shown here with his wife Catherine. This photo was also taken at
LeRoy Blaker’s 4th annual gathering on June 26, 1948, in
Alvordton, Ohio.

The wheel at the Blaker farm has appeared several times in the
pages of IMA. (see Jan/Feb 1960, etc.) The plaque, which reads
‘SITE OF THE FIRST Steam Traction Engine Reunion in U.S.A. June
30, 1945 by LEROY W. BLAKER and the Organization of the NATIONAL
THRESHERS ASSOCIATION, Inc., JUNE 26, 1945’ has been moved
indoors for safekeeping. The Blaker farm is now owned by Mr. Roger
Cox, who keeps the wheel carefully maintained. Our thanks to the
Woltmanns, of Rt 1, Box 264, Avoca,IA 51521, for sharing these
photos with us.

‘Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the

This mural and exhibit arc just inside the entrance of the
Montana Agriculture Museum in Fort Benton. The artwork was done by
a local art school teacher. The figures at the left are a stockman,
fur trader, and an Indian. Ted Worrall, Star Route Box 62, Loma, MT
59460 sent us this picture.

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