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Route 3, Box 3722, Grayling, Michigan 49738

This Buffalo-Pitts engine #16835, Nebraska boiler inspection
#1148, is owned by M. K. Schroeder, 217 Mohawk, Syracuse, Nebraska
68446. He carries 135 lb. working pressure. The weight of the
engine with coal and water is 10 ton, 200 lb. The engine is in
excellent shape and has always been shedded. Schroeder says that in
35 years of searching, he has never found another like it..

Many things are happening in the evenings at the Buckley Engine
Show. One is the Spark Show. They usually use a Baker 19-60
belonging to Tom Graham, our president, and his dad, A.D. Graham.
The Baker has a valve system a bit different from others that may
help here. They belt up to a fan, get up good pressure (by the way,
the Baker has a brand new boiler), then they shovel in plenty of
sawdust, open the throttle, and look! I might adddon’t stand
too close. That’s burning sawdust coming from the stack. The
picture was submitted by Frank Holzschu, Petroskey, Michigan, who
was fireman here, with Glen Seagraves on the throttle.

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