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Well driller in 1916, Hermitage, Mo. That is me on the engine. Engine is a 10 hp Russell.
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Our cover picture is courtesy of Ken Schumacher, 1315 E. Fairoaks Ave., Peoria 4, Illinois. A Wood Brothers' traction Engine photographed at the 1960 Central States Thresher man's Reunion.
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This is my collection of Teensies Engines. Six are Weedens and four were made in Germany. They are all in good order, completely restored.
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Here is a picture of my engine with the following specifications: 22 copper flues (inch), 135 P.S.I. Steam Pressure, Scale, Bore 2 in., Stroke 3 in., Wolfe Reverse, Bums coal or wood, Boiler takes 5 gallons water, 2 Water Tanks-3 gallons each, Moves 3 mi
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This picture of a Bucyrus Erie Steam Shovel getting ready to load some coal was taken on December 12, 1956.
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'Why doesn't it fall over?' This was the question all were asking at the Breintree Rally when they saw this narrow version of a steam roller. It really DOES look like this and it is not a trick with the camera. Only a very few of these were buil
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Here is a picture of an Illinois Engine, No. 152, built in 1924.
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Mr. Elwood's model patterned after the Buffalo Pitts Steam Traction Engine with some modifications. The model is scale ' equals 1 foot. The engine is complete and operates on 20 lbs. steam.
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Here comes the engine through the field getting ready to thresh. This Minneapolis Engine belongs to B. O. Andrews of Corwin and the Illinois Superior Separator belongs to Roy Osborn of Corwin. Dutch, as he is affectionately known, is nearly 90 years young
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The old and the new. Here is a 110 HP Case Steamer and a 22 x 45 Hart-Parr at Elm Creek, Manitoba, Canada. I am the surly looking with the big oil can.
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This is a picture of the model Russell Traction Engine which I built. The engine is 34 inches long and 16 inches high. It has 1 bore by 2 inch stroke. All parts are made of cast iron and made by hand, except the brass gears that were made by a localfoundr
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Minneapolis Engine belonging to B. O. Andrews and the Illinois Superior Separator owned by Roy Osborn getting ready to thresh.
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Here is a picture of a Star Double Under mounted owned by Louis C. Mazilly, Starks, Louisana. From left to right in the picture are Louis C. Mazilly, Dr. Wallace P. Sheely, Gulfport, Mississippi and Art Johkson, Starks, La.

As I sit and meditate pictures like this help to keep alive
those wonderful days of yesteryear. My memories never grow dim and
sometimes it seems like just a few days ago that I took this
picture. May no tears flow down our cheeks as we think back.


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