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This picture of my engine and part of the feeder was taken in 1949, the last year I custom threshed. The engine is an 18 HP Keck Gonnerman and the separator is a 32 inch Bellerville. At the same time I had a 36' Keck Pea-Bean Thresher. I still have
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The Wabash locomotive, No. 2917, fire box explosion at Adrian, Michigan On January 3, 1937, killing 3 trainmen. The locomotive was rebuilt and running again in about a year.
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Former Timberlake Engine.
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Picture of the two engines I built. I built the boilers and Mounted engines on same. I am a member of the Williams Grove Steam Engine Association.
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A Russell Giant tractor with the following specifications: 4 cylinder, 8 x10in., 7ft. drive wheels22 in. wide, gas or kerosene, two clutches belt and traction, 2 speeds forward, 2 mechanical oilers.
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Did you know that the Geyser Mfg. of Waynesboro, Pa. made a road roller? Here is a picture of one in new condition which is near my home. It is a 12 ton roller. My photo with roller.
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My 20 hp Aultman-Taylor where Delever Grant of Osakas and I are plowing. I had this engine at Melrose in 1961 state plowing and say was that alfalfa plowing hard.
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Here is a picture of my No.6 Joliet Corn Sheller mounted on a K10 J.H.C. truck with a G.M.C. diesel motor. I think I mounted one of the first shelters in 1919. I shelled 75,000 bushels the fall this picture was taken. Pretty good for this old guy. I am st
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Can you name this tractor? Year 1911, No. 704, 30x60- This picture was taken in 1940.
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Here is a picture of my 1/3 scale Buffalo Pitts return flue center crank threshing engine.
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Here is a picture of a Lacrosse 12-24 two cylinder tractor, year 1918, and an International Deering 8 foot grain binder cutting wheat on the John Reichert farm near Bourbon, Indiana in 1918. My father is on the binder and I am on the tractor.
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Here is a picture of a gas tractor taken at Santa Rosa, Calif. Can anyone identify make, year of manufacture?
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A Buffalo Pitts 20 hp Engine that was bought new in 1913, by Mr. H. L. Knust of Clifton, Texas. The picture was taken in 1914. Mr. Knust is on the Engine. Standing is Mr. E. C. Johle, Mr. Knust's Mother and sister and Mr. Conrad Arlit, all of Clifton Texa
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Reeves, 16 HP, Double Simple, built in 1918, serial No. 8017. The engine is stored in a tight shed in Iowa. In the picture are Bertha Hulbert Skaar, Wilbur Allen Skaar, age 11 and Wilbur A. Skaar, age 61. The engine is in excellent repair.
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Here is a picture of 'Casey', the friendly little steam engine, 36 HP, 10 tons, single simple, built in November 1910, Serial No. 24287, and sold in 1911. The engine and separators are stored at Bart O' Skaars, Taylor, Wis. in a tight shed. The
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AC & GW Texas type No. 862 with Dave Wine gardner at the throttle, pulling a string of empty refrigerator cars. He told me he headed into a permanent slow order curve at 55 M.P.H. when she hit a high center on one side and low joint on the other. She came
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Here is my 16HP Simple Gaar Scott, purchased new in 1907, grading roads In Lancaster County, Nebraska in the summer of 1908.
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A German built locomotive hauling lumber for the use of the American Army in France in 1918.
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Here is a picture of the Case pulling 5 smaller gas engines home from our show on Sports Day last summer. The Case pulled them about half a mile. Made a better show than the day before! Had to stop for steam about every 150 yards.
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The 4 generations who have sawed lumber with this 16 HP Advance, No. 26819, Engine. Besides this we have a 20 Hp Russell, No. 14624, a Case Portable 12 HP, No. 16819 and also 4 HP Center Crank Portable Engine. From left to right are Joe G. Webb, A. C. Tho
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A Farquhar in new condition. I bet This engine was never used two weeks. Mrs. Carrier with it.
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Roller engine that survived the B-29's Osaka, Japan 1945, when I was there in service of World War 2.
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My Huffenpuffer - all built from junk.

I am standing beside the engine. The first engine I ever ran was
a 14 HP Jumbo which belonged to my Dad. He threshed for 50 years
and I spent about 30 years at it. I have sold the engine but I wish
I had it now.


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