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This is a copy of a photograph taken in 1904 of my father's outfit working what is now the Bill Humme farm.
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Taken in 1892 Logan County Ohio 12 H. P. Huber Engine. 33 x 50 Russel Seperator, Hard Field new wind stocker just attached.
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A 40-80 HP Twin City Kerosene Burner, No. 1 008, was taken in 1915 at Salem, South Dakota.
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Pictured is a 13 hp. steam engine, double Reeves. This picture was taken in Barry Co., Missouri in 1924 or 1925. That is me at the lever at back.
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1914 C. Cretors & Co. Popcorn wagon. Owned by Dr. L. P. Krause
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A close-up of the Merry-go-Round engine at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa reunion. Leon Foree, owner and operator. We seldom see one of these working. We congratulate Leon. Elmer
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This picture was taken in the early twenties. Mr. Pinne's father is on top of the shedder and his uncle on the Eagle tractor who also owned the outfit. Also another uncle next to his Grand Dad and far left is their land lord. They had just finished shred
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This is a copy of a photograph taken in 1910. The outfit - a 20 HP Case engine and a 36-56 Case separator - was owned and operated by my half-brother, Ed Mahoney.
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Engine and Merry-go-Round at Mt. Pleasant Reunion. Owned and operated by Leon Foree, Paris, Missouri. This is quite an attraction and it is the only one I have seen in years. Elmer
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I stopped to see Harry Schoff at his home and shop one afternoon and I found him in his living room reading the Album instead of out in the shop working.
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The picture marked is of my father's outfit. He was one of the first threshers in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. The orginal of this particular photograph was taken in 1903; the engine is a 16 HP Buffalo-Pitts and the separator is a Case. My father
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Enclosed is some photos of a Keck Gonnerman engine I found on my vacation at Fredericktown, Missouri. This engine is owned by Mr. Lee Meyers, Hickory St., Fredericktown, Mo. This is a high pressure job No. 1870, year 1934, 22 hp. It runs like a fine clock
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This is a 18 HP Nichols and Shepard and a Case separator. The original picture was taken in 1898 and the outfit belonged to Henry Pitstick of Boyden who is at the wheel. Neil De Young is firing and a man named Spring man is standing in front of the engine
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The only wood burner locomotive in Canada used for exhibition purposes. No. 40. A 4-4-0 type, was built in 1872 for the G.T.R. and operated for many years in passenger service between Portland, Maine and White River Junction, Vermont. The lady on the engi
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The owner of these fine engines is Gorden K. Babbitt, Route 1, Fennville, Michigan, on the left. The man on the right is Horace Taber, Route 2, Grand Rapids 4, Michigan, both old-time gas engine collectors. Large engine is Cooper-Bessemer 10' x 15&qu

Here is a picture of my 1924 Fordson which I restored after it
had been sitting out in a field for 16 years. I completely
disassembled it and hauled it 18 miles to my home in the trunk of
my 1959 Ford car. Each piece was sand blasted and painted before it
was reassembled. It was rebored, has new piston rings, valves and
guides, all new bearings in the transmission. Many of the parts are
hand made, such as spindle belts and bushings. It runs and looks
like new. I have had it in several parades and one show at
Pinkneyville, Illinois.


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