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This cover features a 10 HP Advance engine #1244, built 1890.
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The engine was restored in 1984 by Randy E. Schwerin, R2,
Sumner, Iowa 50674.

If you have a steam engine you’d like to see on our cover,
send us a picture or a slide of it!

Seen on this month’s back cover is a Watertown steam engine
built in the 1800’s in Watertown, New York. The engine was on a
rock pile down near a swamp and the boiler was back of a barn
obtained by George J. Paddock, current owner.

‘It took a year to restore. It has new flues, all new
plumbing, new safety valve, new injectors and new paint. The engine
is 8 HP. It has New York State inspection certificate.’

Paddock, who lives at Route 1, Box 263, La Fargeville, NY 13656
says the engine runs very nicely.

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