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THE BEGINNING OF THE 1953 PONTIAC PARADE. 4 hp. crawler built by Marvin Green, Boyden, Iowa. Binder sprockets in rear. Wheel brakes. Two transmissions. Swinging drawbar. Yellow and black paint.
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Frick Traction hauling apples in Adams County, Pennsylvania, 1910. Courtesy of the Frick Company
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20 hp. Napoleon engine and 30x50 Russell Separator 1913. Wm. Schwie bert, Hamler, Ohio, owner
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Separator built by Henry Spulock, 7631 S. E. 11th Ave., Portland 2, Oregon in 1939. Mr. Spulock would like to hear from someone who can give the history of the Hawley Separator, through THE IRON-MEN ALBUM.
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Complete Gaar-Scott outfit. 12 hp. engine and a 32 inch Separator with an Indiana Stacker. Taken in Durant, Iowa in 1898. Courtesy of R. H. Blank, Walcott, Iowa.
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Mr. E. C. McMillan (Big Mac) with his 50 hp. Case moving an 18x24 barn at Bushong, Kansas in 1938. They were just raising the telephone wires so as to pass under them when the picture was snapped.
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A Close up of a 20-40 Case. It was auctioned at a farm sale. It was purchased by my neighbor, Frank Stohler, south of Grant, Neb., and he has it in running order. He has started it several times for neighbors and friends. This is not steam but maybe some
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Picture of a Threshing Rig and crew taken on the Henry Arps farm west of Hamler, Ohio. 16hp. compound Russell engine and a Gaar Scott Separator. Takenin 1906. Compliments of William Schwiebert, Hamler, Ohio.
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Here we come again with our Four Wheel Drive. We are a little proud of it. Mr. B. J. Potter of L. B. 86, Okemos, Mich., handed a picture of it to us at the National Threshers Reunion as it was on the truck going to the junk yard. A friend of the Editor se
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A Scale Model of a Case 65 built by Mr. C. E. Kauer, 2511 N. Waco, Wichita, Kansas. It is not quite complete but it is a very good looker.
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A scene on the Leo R. Kaiser Farm, Freeport, I11., in 1951. An Avery 28x46 Separator and a 24 hp. Minneapolis engine.
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Mr. Leo Clark at the controls of the Toledo, Peoria & Western Railroad Train No.20 with Diesel power. He looks as though he had his mind on his business

Florence Teets of 211 E. 52nd St., New York 22, N. Y., and Mr.
E. L. Larimore of Newton, I11., at the Pontiac Reunion, 1953. Miss
Teets is a travel writer and the author of the travel book,
‘She’s Going Abroad’. Her travels have taken her to
five continents where she has watched the threshing of grain by
every conceivable means from hand flails, mule-draw and powered
beaters to the newest electric machinery. She is the daughter of an
Illinois harness maker. Miss Teets and her father attended the
fifth Annual Reunion of Threshermen, 1953, inPontiac,I11.

It was frozen in every joint. We got it loose without breaking
anything. The hardest task was the rear wheels which were frozen to
the axle. If someone has time to fire it, it will be in motion at
the Rough & Tumble Engineers Reunion, Kinzers, Pennsylvania,
August 20 and 21

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