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A 14 ft. Plywood Boat built by Mr. French. He had a 2 x 2 steam Marine in it and made the boiler himself. He says, 'I'm not a water bird so I sold the boat and now want to put the engine on wheels.
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Lonnie and his Frick steam engine No. 17848, size 8 x 10, built in 1925.
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Keck-Gonnerman 20 hp double engine built about 1909. The accepted idea about the explosion was that it was a case of using an old and badly corroded boiler too long, but here is a little on the other side of the matter. This engine as it left the factory
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Here is a very rare and wonderful picture of a header at work. I would have liked to have seen one of these machines at work. I am told it was not as easy to handle that little guide wheel as it looks. Sorry we do not have any more information on this pic
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My 19-65 Port Huron Engine I owned back in 1928. I was shredding corn at the time this was taken, pulling an 8 Roll McCormick. The Weigles threshed one ring for 45 years. I sure enjoy the Album very much. It brings back the good old days which will never
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Engine was built in 1954 and 1955 by August and Arthur Wenning. It is a 6 hp engine, 10 hp boiler.
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This Minneapolis Engine No. 8497, 24 hp, is owned by Virgil. It was built in 1921 or 1922. He says he has been told this engine cost $3600 when new. It has never been used very much and is in a wonderful condition. The engine is setting at Frank Stark's p
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Warren standing beside an old engine in thick brush at Ben Markley's place in Joplin, Missouri.
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In the last issue of the Album, we ran an ad advertising a standard gauge locomotive weighing about 80 tons and a caboose. We had several inquiries and sold the above to Mr. MacLowry of Akron, Ohio. Mr. Lowry is going to ship these to Akron where he is st
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Filling silo at Dean Fullerton's Farm at Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, Reunion September 24, 1960. Picture taken by Gene Perry.
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This is an old road roller which belongs to Harold Gustafson of Alma, Wis. I found it in an old iron pile and brought it home and with a good many days of old hard work we finally got her to roll again. No fast steering or speeding, but what fun we do hav

I started to run an engine back in 1916. I run a steam engine
until 1948 then I traded for a 28×50 Hart-Parr tractor. My brother
and I have a picture of my father’s first outfit – a 12 hp
Rumely engine and a Geiser separator.


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