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The Williams Grove Steam Engine Assn. Inc. beautiful Number 5 at their May steam-up The organization purchased this engine and track by selling stock to interested folks. They are quite proud of it, and I believe they plan to add to it when possible. The
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Here is a picture of my steam car, a 1938 converted Packard. It's all steamed up, 500 lbs. steam pressure. The white under the hood is the boiler and fittings. Tractor fuel is used in the main burner.
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You don't need to see the faces of these little ones to know that they are interested in the passing of this 'monster'. Mr. Walter Bohm with his 1916 vintage steam engine and separator on his annual threshing tour. The engine is a 24 hp. Minneap
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Here is a picture (taken from the top) of a Sawyer Massey two speed, showing the double gearing and drive.
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Savorys patent of 1861 ploughing engine with cable drum round boiler. Some were made with vertical engines. This one, as made by Robey & Company, Lincoln, was made with a horizontal engine in front. At this early date, wrought iron wire rope was used whic
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This picture was taken in 1924 near Kingley. Iowa: It shows a Minneapolis outfit, 20 HP Engine and a 40 x 62 Separator. This outfit was owned by W. M. Schweitzenberger at Kingley, Iowa. I am an old time thresherman and was the last one to run this outfit.
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In this picture notice the shoe tie on the engine flywheel and running the inch-cotton rope. It was also used for running the winches on the derrick fork cables.
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This engine is a Free Lance with advance gearing and clutch, and develops about 6 hp.
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Here is a picture of my Sawyer Massey, 76 HP, Engine built in 1915 and again reconditioned to just as nice as she looks here. When this same engine was supplied tandem compound which had a Woolf valve gear, it was then their 100 HP Engine. Bull gearing is
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This picture of the crew was taken about 1913. H. L. Ducot is leaning on the belt and E. O. Ducot, wearing cap and big moustache, was the engineer.
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Here is a picture of a 'Gade'3H.P.gasoline engine I rebuilt last winter, an air cooled 'hit and miss' governor, battery ignition.

Thanks for everything Anna Mae

and By Now. Steamendously yours, L. R. Smith

Invented and manufactured by a man in Iowa Falls, Iowa it was
advertised as the engine that ‘breathed’ as it had an
exhaust port at end of cylinder which was uncovered by piston at a
few degrees before end of power stroke, and port remained open
until closed by piston on exhaust stroke. This arrangement allowed
much of the burned gas to escape before conventional exhaust valve
opened, thus causing a rather odd sounding exhaust. Patented in
1904 they were made in several sizes and were extensively used on
washing machines, feed grinders, small saws etc. This one runs
perfectly and is a source of amusement to the younger folks, with
its hit, then coast for awhile, action.


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