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Courtesy of Mr. Lester Maus, R. R., Minnesota City, Minnesota 55959 Here is a picture of an old Advance Compound. I am standing on the left and beside me is Clarence Angst, Emil Norbye, Leonard Phillips. Note the Clark pump and two injectors.
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Courtesy of Mr. Lester Maus, R. R., Minnesota City, Minnesota 55959 Here is a picture of the old Case Separator as it looks today with Mr. Emil Norbye standing on top. He ran it almost continuously from 1912 until 1962 and is now 85 years old.
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Courtesy of Mr. Lester Maus, R. R., Minnesota City, Minnesota 55959 This is the old Port Huron shredder as it looks today and as we pulled it away from the barn in the fall of 1964 after finishing shredding.
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Courtesy of Joseph T. Rynda, Jr., (Steam Engine Joe), Montgomery, Minnesota This picture was taken on John Weiers Farm about 2 miles northwest of Heidelberg, Minnesota, in 1902 or 1903. It is about 18 H.P. Minneapolis, built at Hopkins. The separator look
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Courtesy of Henry Benn, Ord, Nebraska. Soo Line there are no more, except in parks.
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Courtesy of Henry Benn, Ord, Nebraska My last engine on its last ride. Henry doesn't say what make engine or any details, but I suppose you fellows know what it is Anna Mae.
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Courtesy of Henry Benn, Ord, Nebraska My first engine hard at it.
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John Weiers, Jr., is likely the only man living to identify the
people on the picture. They are as follows: Left to right on engine
Oscar Kummet, Ted Weiers, Jim Prochaska, Henry Hinderschied, Bill
Weiers, Albert Ambroz, Albert Weiers.

Left to right on ground Bill Weiers, Sr.; Charlie Mickus; Albert
Barta, keg beer?, Fred Ihrig; ‘Papa’ (John) Weiers, Sr.,
(Owner); Hanna Weiers (Grandma); Rosa Weiers; Dora Weiers; Hanna
Weiers; Mary Weiers; Wife of owner of steam engine; John Weiers,
Jr., son of ‘Papa’ Weiers, only one living; Gerhart
Odenthal; Max Mader (standing – water tank).

Left to right on separator Henry Mader, Joe Hoefley, Pete
Coffenburg, Jacob Odenthal.

The picture was reproduced by William Zigenhagen, owner of Livel
Return Flue Horse Shoe Boiler, the only complete one of its type in
the world, built by Ames Iron Works, Oswego, New York.

We are going to hold the 26th Original National Steam Threshing
Bee just 4 miles northeast of this place on October 8 and 9, 1966,
at New Prague, Minnesota.

Courtesy of Irvin G. Hoffman, R. D. 1, Box 31, Manheim,
Pennsylvania 17545 Here is a threshing crew. This was taken in 1964
on the A. F. Brandt farm, Elizabethtown R.D. This is a reunion at
the same time. Reading from left to right is Harry Derr;
Harry’s brother-in-law Irvin Hoffman; Arthur Hoffman; Charles
Hoffman from Pasadena California; Harvey-Hoffman, owner of 9 x 10
Frick; Jim Brandt; A. F. Brandt (just got a new Huber); Lester
Hoffman, son of Harvey; Bob Brandt, son of A. F. Brandt; Sol &
Phares Hoffman; wounder bull engine striker John Kauffman who
striped this engine’s fly wheel about 1960. Note brass rings on
boiler. Sorry that the cook is not on picture; Mrs. Brandt can make
the best Pot Pie in Lancaster County.

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