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Grandpa Rennie (Gilbert) was the first of three generations of Threshing Rennies. He used oxen and horses for power on a turn table when he first threshed in Washington County, Illinois. In 1881, he moved to Eastern Kansas with his family. This picture, t
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Picture taken at Mose Endebrock, 5 miles north of Ireland, Texas of my new thresher back in 1926. The engine is a 40 hp. Case and 28-44 Rumely Separator. On the James Ranch. I am now 82 years of age and blind. Courtesy of E. M. Tubbs, Ireland, Texas 76536
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Old steam is fast leaving the world, even in Spain. Here we see a switch engine pushing sleeping cars at the docks of Algeciras to receive the passengers coming in from Tangier, Africa and Gibraltar. Each car was marked with permanent plates showing the r
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This picture is of one of The Illinois Central Railroad Company's locomotives. This is not the largest they built at the Paducah, Kentucky, shops. There were hundreds that were scrapped giving way for the diesel engines. This one rests in the Barkley Park
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Filling silo at home on October 5, 1960. Harold Anderson and I are the ones on the picture. Harold is on the right. Courtesy of Harold Churchill, Rt. 1, Elmwood, Wisconsin 54740
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A return flue D June Engine. Not many were made and probably there are none in existence. Courtesy of Elmer M. Ransburg, Quincy, Michigan 49082
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This is Bert Johnson's Case outfit threshing on his farm in 1952.Courtesy of Bert W. Johnson, 411 N.E. First St., Galva, Illinois 61434
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Raymond Salchow's engine as was when he got it from a Mr. Powell of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, 1963. A 9 hp. Case. before Courtesy of Frank Stark, Billings, Missouri 65610
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The 9 Hp. Case after restoring. This is Raymond Salchow's engine, our son-in-law. after Courtesy of Frank Stark, Billings, Missouri 65610
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