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Double Cylinder Nichols and Shepard restored by the late Burton Salchow. after Courtesy of Frank Stark, Billings, Missouri 65610 20 Hp
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The end result of all Threshing Shows - a truck load of wheat. Threshed by the various engines and separators appearing in the Antique Engine and Thresher's Association Show at Bird City, Kansas, September 30, 1966.Courtesy of Harry Hall, 223 High St., S.
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This is the 20 Hp. Nichols and Shepard before it was restored by the late Burton Salchow. before Courtesy of Frank Stark, Billings, Missouri 65610
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This is a photo of my ''Bucyrus Erie B2'' Shovel hard at it at 1966 STEAM-ERA at Milton, Ontario. Picture is courtesy of Ontario Hydro Photography Section, Public Relations Div. Courtesy of D. Koss Johnson, 287 Aldercrest Rd., Toronto 14, Canada
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This is me standing by my model that I made of an old time locomotive and caboose. Courtesy of Joseph R. Ernst,57 Fiddis Ave., Pontiac, Mich. 48058
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MOVIE TRAIN ARRIVES The little East Indian train, which chugged merrily through the movie, ?Around the World in 80 Days?, was unloaded at the Le Porte County Historical Steam museum grounds on County Road 1000N May 5, 1967 for permanent display. Eventuall
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Some folks may wonder about my particular interest in Star Engines. It all relates back to my first engine, a 12 hp. Star No. 3784. It's not a very good picture, but I am enclosing it to see if you can use it. I am standing on the platform of the engine g
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My Baker taken at Pontiac, Illinois Show. This is the engine that chased the squirrels out of the tree when on the fan at Pontiac. It is 21 x 75 Hp. No.16389 with Illinois State Certificate of 150 pounds pressure. Courtesy of H. E. Beckemeyer, Tolono, Ill
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I saw the picture of a 7 man bike in an Album and I saw a picture of 3 little girls standing behind an old big wheel bike in Western Engines so I thought you might like a picture of a bike I had in the early 1920's. I got my left hand cut off at the wrist
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A musical instrument that is practically gone from the American scene THE CALLIOPE is owned by Mr. & Mrs. V. H. Stroud of Hutchinson, Kansas. This particular National Calliope was built about 1915 in Kansas City. For many years it was used with a road sho
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