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Here is the beautiful little 6 hp. Case portable after being restored as you can see it is ''The Little Jewel.'' It's being run by a GEM of an engineer -our editor and friend to all Elmer Ritzman. Looking on from behind Elmer, with all the confidence of
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The owner of this Farquhar stationary engine is Thomas G. Downing, R. D. 1, Elwood City, Pennsylvania. That's Tom looking at you from the fire-box door. He purchased the engine in 1969 and is in the process of restoring it. Tom is a director of the Northw
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Picture taken at the Humbird Centennial in the fall of 1969. The pictures are of my 16 horse Advance engine. The man standing on the ground is my brother, Harry Stevens, and myself on the platform. It was a beautiful day and we had a large crowd and a
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Picture is myself running the engine and my nephew Ralph Mitchell riding with me. It was a beautiful day and we had a large crowd and a big parade. I enjoy the Iron-Men Album more with every issue. Courtesy of Ernest Stevens, Humbird, Wisconsin 54746
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This rather naked looking boiler is a 3 inch scale Case 65 that is under construction. I hope there will be a day when the wheels will turn and smoke will come out of the stack. Courtesy of Gerald Jacobson, 212 S. Cedar, Marshfield, Wisconsin 54449
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One of the teams of horses used to pull the bundle and grain wagons. These horses are in good shape and are beautiful animals. Quentin Shultz's Case 45 is shown in the background. Courtesy of Rober L. Eshelman, Box 63, College Springs, Iowa 51637.
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Class 1-2 Mallet 2-6-6-2, built by Baldwin in 1907. Later converted to Class 0-5, 2-8-2. Courtesy of J. M. Johnson, 315 Lowry Ave. No. Apt. 1712, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411.
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The restored 115 year old log cabin given to A. C. Eshelman by Asa Miller of Grant, Iowa. A few logs had to be replaced but most are original. This cabin has been moved twice. One time was about ninety years ago. The Roman numerals are still visible on so
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Pictured is my father's sawmill and the logs are from the largest tree that he ever cut into lumber. The butt log was 50 inches in diameter at the top and contained 1587 board feet. The second was 48 inches in diameter at the top and contained 1452 board
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Shown is a threshing rig wreck on the Jordan road in Twin Township, Preble County, Ohio. Courtesy of George E. Winkelman, Sr., 72 South Main Street, W. Alexandria, Ohio 45381 The rig was owned and operated by Ed Jordan. He and his brother-in-law, Warren W
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Mrs. Herman Hintzsche of DeKalb was selected as the 1969 Threshing Bee Queen of the North Central Illinois Steam Power Show held in August of 1969. Courtesy of Emil F. Svanda, Box 111, Davis Junction, Illinois 61020. Approximately 5000 people attended the
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