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Oldtime spinning wheel being operated by Mrs. T. Turner at Maymont. Courtesy of E. J. Ruhr, Maymont, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Awhile back someone had a story in the ALBUM of a man who had a Huber steam engine, along with some other makes. A visitor asked why he had the Huber. The reply was, ?to pull the others out when they get stuck?.Now, here is proof positive. Courtesy of Jam
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My half-size steam engine that I had built in 1968. Mr. Wellington Kohl built it for me. I did the running around getting parts and doing machine work. I have had it to some shows in 1969. That is my son standing by the engine. Courtesy of Ted Gowl, 2913
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80 Case pulling 12 ft. grader at Maymont, Saskatchewan. Courtesy of E. J. Buhr, Maymont, Saskatchewan, Canada
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My sawmill that I built and I use it to saw lumber for my cabinet work. It has a 24'' inserted tooth saw that will saw logs up to 14'' diameter by 10 feet long. I pull it with 12 HP Brigs gas engine. Courtesy of Ted Gowl, 2913 Northwind Rd., Baltimore, Ma
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A picture of Ruben Boettcher's 16 HP Minneapolis engine at Scott Carver Threshing Bee at Jordan, Minnesota. It is mounted on truck chassis. It is a nice job, Yours truly on engine just taking a little run on same. Courtesy of Florian C. Karl, Jordan, Minn
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A Minneapolis 24 HP engine H.D.B. at Steam Engine Jos. Rynda's engine lot at Montgomery, Minnesota. I used to run this engine when they were in use for threshing and lumber sawing. Courtesy of Florian C. Karl, Jordan, Minnesota 55352
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Peerless 120 HP engine on sawmill at Pion-Era in July 1969. Courtesy of R. F. Somerville, 12498 232 St., Haney, B. C., Canada
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This is a picture of my father and grandfather's engine and threshing machine. The engine is an M Rumely sixteen horsepower. The thresher is also a Rumely. This picture was taken in 1916 or 1917 at Telford, Tennessee. Standing on the engine from left to r
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A steam locomotive that the Great Northern Railway donated to the city of Willmar, Minnesota. It is located at the north part of the city on Highway No. 71. This was quite a gift and a special track was built out to where it now stands. Engine number is 2
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