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The little Case on incline. It was steeper than it looks - at 1969 Pion Era. Courtesy of Clarence M. Reed, 426 Margaret Street, Akron, Ohio 44306.
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I'm sending a picture of the Lang & Button engine like suggested on page 39 of Nov.-Dec. I. M. A. I do not know of any history of the engine, but the engineer is good looking and she also knows how to operate Lang & Button. The owner/operator is the perso
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THE BIG FULL! This house was hauled from way out in the country to Vulcan, Alberta, where it still stands [today it is quite a modern house, having been remodeled]. This picture was taken in 1915. The lead engine [owned by W.H. Jurney & Sons] is a 25 HP A
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This 1914 80 HP Case steamer was moved under its own steam from Olds, Alberta, to Three Hills, Alberta, a distance of 55 miles, in the year 1967. We had a ''ball'' doing it. That's me [Doug], on the left relaxing against the big rear wheel, I acted as fir
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17 HP Jumbo 1910 being loaded. Picture taken in 1940. Courtesy of Drexelius Bros., Belhalto, Illinois.
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Pictured is the left side view of an Aultman-Taylor engine at Streator, Illinois. Courtesy of Truman Koopman, Flanagan, Illinois 61740.
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A wooden cultivator over 100 years old. Henry Ruholl, R.R. Teutopolis, Illinois restored and owns this antique. Son Delaine, 2 years was ready for a ride. Picture was taken in July of 1970. Courtesy of Ed Jansen, 106 Water Street, Teutopolis, Illinois 624
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Fowler 8 NHP single cylinder, piston valve, cable ploughing engine, No. 13910, built in 1914. It worked until 1944, then later was restored in 1956 for rallying. This picture was taken in 1062 at a Rally near Newcastle-on-Tyne, England. Courtesy of John Y

I have been receiving the ALBUM since 1947 when the Late Arthur
Young, Kinzer, Pennsylvania gave me a copy of a story written by
Mr. Ritzman, dated July 29, 1946 titled ‘Steam Engines Are My

My interest in steam goes back to the early 1900s when my family
operated a felspar quarry and chicken grit plant, using steam power
to operate the crusher, elevator and screens. I also worked in a
shop during World War II which made steam freight elevators fro the
Dupont powder plants. The machinery was run by steam. In 1949 I
purchased an 8 x 10 Frick traction engine for $250.

Make – Smith, Myers & Schnier. Date – unknown. Cyl. 16′
dia. X 20′ stroke. Flywheel, 96′ dia. and 24′ wide.
Boiler made by Johnson -Michigan, formerly used in a Great Lakes

This engine powered a sawmill at Goshen, Indiana until the mill
burned down in 1901. Engine was sent to Sanders Sawmill in South
Bend, Indiana where it operated until 1924 when a large engine was
needed. This engine was stored, dismantled, until January 1970 when
it was acquired by the La Porte Society. It is now an operating


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