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Port Huron engine at the S.W. Wisconsin Antique Power Show in August 1971 at Boscobel, Wisconsin. Courtesy of Patrick Mullarkey, 5242 S. 13th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53221.
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A picture of a Hoisting Engine - also one other engine along side with covered connecting rod. [Right now - that snow looks kind of refreshing - don't you think? Anna Mae]. Courtesy of Morris Blomgren, Route 1, Siren, Wisconsin 54872.
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30 HP Minneapolis engine No. 8117. Courtesy of Norlander Bros., Scandia, Minnesota 55073
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Russell which handled the sawmill real nice and their Champion in the slow race. This was a shot at the Stephenson County Antique Engine Club Show at Freeport, Illinois. Courtesy of Patrick Mullarkey, 5242 S. 13th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53221.
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Photos of a lonesome 20 HP Russell steam engine which has been parked at an antique machinery place known as Tux Helm's place on U.S. 36 in the western edge of Brookfield, Missouri. This engine, which is said to be a good one, has been at this spot many y
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McCormack To Build Center For Engines
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Denis McCormack, of Cannonball House, St. Michaels, Md., will
erect a building of 3,500 square feet on the outskirts of the town
to house his collection of models and of steam and gas engines.

McCormack, who has written a number of articles for our
magazines, will also provide facilities for continuing his
restoration work on mechanical antiquities. He will make the
building available as a cultural and study center in the history of

The facilities will include a library of technical and early
books, pictures and drawings and related materials.
‘These,’ he told this magazine, ‘will cover the great
invention and development of steam and internal combustion power
which lifted such a burden of labor from man and beast and made
possible the fantastic development of industry and the vast raising
of the standards of living for the whole world,’ in the 18th,
19th and 20th centuries.

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