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Advance-Rumely #15275 is on the cover. S. Douglas Greer bought
the engine from Kenneth M. Mattis of Brookville, Ohio in 1979. It
was restored by John J. Holp & Sons, Lewisburg, Ohio and
delivered to Greer in September 1980 at the Mason-Dixon Historical
Society in Westminster, Maryland.

Owner Greer of 1515 Underwood St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20012
says the engine is in a wonderful state of repair. ‘The gearing
is like new and it is a very good steamer.’

A tractor exhibit in the large Exhibition Hall of the Delaware
Agricultural Museum. Ropes are used to keep people from touching
the exhibits.

This picture was taken about 1921-1923 at ‘Sunset Farm’
near Avon-dale, Chester County, Pennsylvania. On the binder is my
grandfather, Henery Palmer, the owner. He adapted many implements
to the Moline. The ‘shocker’ is my older brother who now
lives in Southern California. Photo is the courtesy of John S.
Palmer, 1019 Audrey Avenue, Campbell, California 95008.

Is James A. Sylling’s Case model of a 65 HP engine built in
1965-66 by himself with help from Henry Christigan and Dallas
Lengerman of Grand Meadow, Minnesota. Sylling, lives at Route 1,
Box 86, Spring Grove, Minnesota 55974.

Is a 16 HP Minneapolis steam engine built in the early 1920s.
The late Walter McCasky was the owner, and the four McCasky
brothers restored the engine in 1961. Photo came to us from Herbert
McCasky, 309 N. Linden St., Toluca, Illinois.

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