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A. F. Harker of 300 Bella Street, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648 is the
proud owner in this picture of his Peerless portable steam engine
made by the Geiser Manufacturing Co. See story on page 24 of this

J.A. Johnson & Company’s steam thresher outfit in Fargo,
Dakota Territory, circa 1881. F. Jay Haynes photograph, from the
Haynes Foundation Collection, Montana Historical Society, Helena,

A 25 HP Robert Bell long reach rear mount engine built in 1908
and restored in 1970 by George and Annie McKinless or Walkerton,

An Advance-Rumely Universal 20 HP #14949 made in 1919 owned by
Dean Schellhous of Fairfield, IA. Dean bought the engine in 1953
from its original owner, restored it and won ‘engine of the
year’ at the 1987 Midwest Old Threshers Show.

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