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Mr. E. C. McMillan of Hoisington, Kansas, making the Hill Climbing stunt at the Wichita Reunion, September, 1952.
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Herschell Spillman steam Merry-Go-Round engine No. 934 owned by Rolland Buslaff, R. D. 5,Waukesha, Wis. See Mr. Buslaff's letter.
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Needless to say it is a Case Engine re-enacting the Case Incline
of the period of 1906.

Mr. Joe Drexelius, Bethalto, III, beside the Drexelius
‘Jumbo’ engine during 1952 threshing season. The
‘Jumbo’ was made by the Harrison Machine Works of
Belleville, III. The make is hardly known outside the Mississippi
river valley. However, it is a very practical and handy engine.
High Drivers, reverse and throttle combined with one lever were
some of the features of the engine.

Miniature Atlantic 3721 Park Engine and train that Mr. Henry Fay
Ham purchased in 1951. Three months later, Oct. 8th, 1951, he was
killed in an auto wreck, His ambition was to have this outfit
running the 1952 season. Had it somewhat dismantled for making
necessary repairs when the accident happened. His widow, Mrs.
Myrtle Lou Ham, 1523 N. La Salle, Indianapolis, Ind., is anxious to
get her money out of it and will sell it for $1250. Engine and
tender, two cars of 4 seats each, 16 people can ride in it, and
track. She also has a 28-50Keckthresher; Mac-Deering binder;
10′ circular saws and 1?hp. motor.

The neat engine built by Ralph W. Shelburne of Zionsville, Ind.
Bore 3 and one quarter, stroke 5 and one third. Boiler waist
measures 12′. Has 14 and a quarter inch flues 36′ long.
Front wheels 16′ diameter and rear 32′ diameter. Has a
3/8‘ injector. Carries 80 lbs. pressure.
He was 600 hours building it. Began building it January 8th,
1952and fired the first time June 8th, 1952. Blakers was the first
place it was shown.

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