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Eddie Reisner and the steam Fire Engine he brought to the Pontiac reunion. It was a worthwhile exhibit.
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Talk about the variety of people who are steam engine Hobbyists. That man on the right who looks like a Methodist Bishop is a piano salesman as well as a steam fan. He is also a good cook he got the editor's breakfast each morning at the Pontiac Reunion.
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A very good photo of Center Crank Case compound owned by Ray Ernst of Wayland, Iowa, and exhibited at the Mt. Pleasant reunion, 1953. Photo by T. H. Smith.
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Albert Joy's (Granger, Ind.) model engine at the Mt. Pleasant (Iowa) reunion, 1953. This is a very good view of the engine and it was taken by Mrs. T. H. Smith
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Steam plowing outfit of the Frick Company, Waynesboro, Pa., of 1884. Courtesy of Terry Mitchell, Advertising Manager of the Frick Company
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This is an early Frick Company, of Waynesboro, Pa., Trade Mark. It was very cleverly designed and conveyed a thought that you never forgot.

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