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Herbert's Case 60 Model chained to a 110 Case. Ha! Ha! says the 110. And so do we.
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This wonderful picture was given to me by a lady who said her husband had four rigs. As so often happens there is no name on the picture and if there was a letter it got separated from the picture. We think it is a Dakota scene. If the owner or anyone el
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22 hp. Keck Gonnerman owned by Russell Libbon, Manito, Illinois. Mr. Libbon and Eli Brenkman (at the rear wheel) and grandson. This is a good clear and sharp picture.
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A 28 hp. Minneapolis engine and thresher plus the whole threshing outfit including the Cook car, moving 50 miles. From Clank, South Dakota to Turton, South Dakota. The train was about 40 rods long. This was in 1935 and the picture was taken where they cam
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The 2 Lauson Frost King mounted on same truck with a small Heebner Thresher. The thresher was built by Heebner & Sons, Lansdale, Pa
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Courtesy of A. M. Wettach, Agricultural Photographs, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
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The outfit of W. L. McCulloch, W. Seminary Street, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, who is on the engine. The picture was taken September 10th, 1958 at the John Myers farm near Lemasters, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Needless to say it is a Peerless (Geiser)
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Threshing in Pierce County, Wisconsin in 1916 with a Nichols & Shepard 25 hp. engine. We know not the make of the separator but it seems to be doing the work. A very nice scene, Harvey.
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Here is a Groton 10 hp. made in 1891. It is owned by Howell Leppo, Greenmount, Maryland. It is in excellent condition and all who see it and hear it run give it a very high rating. We have to marvel at some of those lesser known makes the way they perform

The portable saw mill regularly featured at the Mt. Pleasant
Reunion. It is owned & operated by Tom Traut and is a Jackson
Mill. They changed engines frequently but at this particular moment
it is powered by a double Nichols & Shepard. This is a feature
that never fails to draw a good audience. Only part of the folks
looking at the mill work are able to be shown in this photo.

The outfit of Mr. Harvey Hoffman, Rheems, Pennsylvania. Taken in
1910 near Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania. It is a Peerless ‘T’
engine, Peerless Thresher and an Ohio Baler. Mr. Hoffman’s
thresher is 60 years old and the baler is 50 years old. He got the
machinery from his father, the late Samuel Hoffman, Mt. Joy, Pa.,
Who did much of the threshing for the farmers in this part of the
country. Harvey is standing on the baler in this picture. Note the
dust collector on this machine. They were quite popular in many
sections in the East where barn threshing was the rule.


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