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Risbrudt's, Minnesota 14 hp Giant and Melby's 12 hp Advance in parade at Dalton, Minn.
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Working model of a Canton Monitor Engine built by Edward Setka
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A yoke of oxen brought to the new reunion in North Carolina by J. E. Smith of King, N. C. These oxen were used to snake logs for the Saw Mill and to turn the 'Horse power'. Oxen are an interesting sight to most of us. We also think it is praisew
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This 1908 REO was really a beautiful restore job. At Mt., Pleasant Reunion.
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Aultman-Taylor Gasoline Tractor, 4cyl. cross-mounted engine. Drive wheels 8' high. At Mt. Pleasant Reunion.
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Snap from Mt. pleasant Reunion. Line drive gasoline tractor. Will do anything on the farm but milk the cow.
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Hobby engine on rubber tires, owned by Bob.
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1925 - 16 HP Frick. Owner; Robert Stickler, pictured on engine.
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Jumbo Engine with 2-speed transmission, sliding pinion of fly wheel shaft.
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My old Advance No. 2032, 12 hp, built by Seattle dealer in 1894, as we were backing it into the shop. My step-son was at the wheel and I was on the tractor of which you can see the end of the blade. I had taken most of the fittings off before we brought i
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A nice scene of a beautiful 12 hp Russell No. 16632 driving a 30 in. Huber machine, doing a neat job of barn threshing on Nov. 15, 1960 at the home of Alvin Fasnacht of Massilon, Ohio. Notice the Bull on platform tank.
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Ola Olson's 22 hp Advance-Rumely with 32-54 Huber threshing machine - 1958 on his home farm.
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Straight Flue Avery
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Gilbert Kirkeby's 80 Case on 36 x 54 Minneapolis Separator.
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4-8-4 Mountain Locomotive in ' scale. Finished and tested.
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Snap of my engine, a 9 x 10 'MacDonald' No. 117 with Carl Hesseltine at the controls. We had just finished threshing my wheat and you can still see the belt on the ground in front of the wheels. The thresher is a 26 x 46 steel 'Wood Bros.&q
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Back about 1912-14
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A 16 hp Scheidler Engine threshing in 1913, at the home place, and owned by Busby Brothers of Cadiz, Ohio. This engine furnished the power to saw two sets, close to where I live.

Mr. Kyler belongs to the organization of which Rodney Pitts was
appointed to make arrangements for another get-together at Canby,
Oregon. Mr. Kyler says they get so much enjoyment out of their
meetings and wonders if any of the other Steam Clubs meet as often
as their organization does. They meet six times a year.


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