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Nichols and Shephard 16 HP engine found in Southern Nebraska. By look-close the wheel of the attached tender trucks can be seen. Boiler is jacketed. Purchased by Ralph, June 1961. He expects to restore it in the future.
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Walter Hood and his 20 hp double Nichols Shepard taken at the Pioneer Engineers Club of Indiana Reunion held at Rushville, Ind., August 1960.
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Model Case, 40 hp that I built in my shop. It took 2 years of my spare time, mostly after working hours. It weighs 1 ton, carries 150 lb. pressure.
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My 25 HP Minneapolis and my Case Separator. The picture was taken June 5, 1961 at White Butte, South Dakota, I have owned the engine 35 years and have used it for many things threshing, moving, building highways, working, breaking sod. It was new in 1912.
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Taken at the Mechanicsburg show 1961. Edinger Bros. Case, C.C. Johnson at the throttle.
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This is an Orr-Sembower. It is in fine shape, a 12 hp. built in Reading, Pa. I am told it is the only one left.
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A close-up view of John Arstad's engine.
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A close-up view of Harold Burke's 50 Case and in the background is O. R. Aslakson Advance Rumely.
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I. H. C. Tractor that we bought new in 1912. It was a single cylinder 8' bore and 15' stroke. It was not a success as a farming tractor although we did do a lot of plowing with it pulling a three bottom plow. We also threshed a lot of grain with
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Steam power plant hp boiler hp vertical 1 x 1 steam engine and governor with aux-condensing engine. Hotwell with pump for feed to boiler from Hotwell
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Burrell Showmans Road Loco. 'Dreadnaught' 8 N-H-P-double crank compound, 3 speed No. 3093, 17 tons. Built 1909.
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My 12' gauge live steamer (140 lbs. S.P.) that I run around my back yard on about 650 feet of track (12 lb. rail).
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Steam traction engine owned by Les. Mr. Hugh Cadyle, Wapella, Sask., engineer, Percy Corscodden, fireman. Do you know what make of engine?
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Here in Illinois we use old gas engines for lots of things like for instance--clothes line props. I got in trouble with the Mrs. because some white pieces got against the engine and got greasy. Oh, yes, the engine is a Sandwich Mfg. Co. of Sandwich, Illin
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Close-up picture of ray 25-75 Russell in the belt, threshing in 1958.

GETTING READY to roll again – Frankie Schwartz has a new project
-restoring this old tractor to full operation. Mr. Schwartz first
saw the tractor three years ago and has been all that time
persuading Howard Miller to sell it to him. Mr. Miller bought the
steam tractor in 1913 for $600 – but that was back in the days when
$1 was worth a great deal more than today. The tractor was used for
a time to power a saw mill, it later ran a planer and has traveled
back and forth over Dent county. Mr. Schwartz plans to fix up the
boiler and flues, put the old steam tractor in first class shape,
fix up the wheels and drive it in Salem’s centennial parade
next year.

I also have a ‘ scale – 3’ track gauge of a Pennsy K-4
Pacific (4-6-2) in live steam and other odds and ends. This is just
a hobby and not for income.

Taken Feb. 23, 1933. Looking north the Pere Marquette railroad
station, on the west side of the village of Pent water across the
channel. The railroad ran only this far. In the early days a steam
passenger train and a steam freight train ran to and from Pent
water daily. The passenger train stayed over night and went out at
7:30 a.m. and another passenger train came in at 9:15 a.m. As the
automobiles increased, the passenger train service was discontinued
and the freight train ran only. As years went by the freight train
service was also discontinued in the year of 1933. The railroad
from Pent water to Mears, Michigan was then taken up and the P. M.
railroad station was also taken down. There are some houses where
the railroad yard once was in use.

On the picture the box by the telegraph pole is all of iron,
heavily made and belongs to the P. M. Railroad Company.


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