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Photo was made in May, 1918. The engine is a Nichols & Shepard, 13 hp. Compound, Serial No. 5560. The operator is Dewey L. Erwin, who now lives at 206 S. Oak St., Harrison Arkansas.
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Otto Holt in full swing. Note his hand in the air pulling the string tight. Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Mitcham, Route 1, Mead, Washington.
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No, not exactly steam engines, but maybe someone would like this picture. I'm on the stilts and one of my brothers, Erick, is standing below. This is how we amused ourselves during the hard times of the early 30's. Courtesy of Walter C. Bieritz, Route 2,
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A Marion ''300'' Steam Shovel. This is one of the larger pioneer steam shovels that worked near Uniontown, Ohio, Belmont County during World War I. The Industrial Coal & Coke Company of Steubenville, Ohio, were the owners. Note the size of the bucket pos
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The 1916 50 case all steamed up from left to right Romey, Jimmie's wife and Jimmie Stiffler and Mrs. A. E. Johnson (Mary). Picture taken by A. E. Johnson, Iron Man of the Month for July and August 1970 Courtesy of Abram E. Johnson, R. D. 2, Steurrys Road
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Dad and Delmer Dennis at oats cutting time at Andrews farm in 1920. Courtesy of Kenneth S. Dennis, Box 508, Ralph's Trailer Park, Leesburg, Florida 32748.
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Ed Dugan, of Waterloo, Illinois, is an engineer, an airplane pilot and a coal heaver, as can be seen. Ed says this is his 20th year at the Mt. Pleasant Show with his 20 hp. Return Flue Avery. This picture taken by Harry at the 1969 Old Settlers Reunion at
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Jimmie Stiffler of Altoona, Pennsylvania, and his very nice 50 hp. 1916 case. Jimmie is very nice buddy, he steamed up for Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Johnson, Marion, New York, Memorial weekend 1970. We sure had a very nice time visiting Jimmie and Romey.
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Bert Oliver's crew. Mr. Otto Holt is the man at right by front wheel. Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Mitcham, Route 1, Mead, Washington.
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''Steeple Jacks'' three of my brothers, left to right: Herman, Erick and Reuben on the new silo in 1922.

This old engine went to the junk yard many years ago and it is
unlikely that there is one like it in existence. Probably, there
were not many of these small N & S compounds built. The writer
remembers seeing a picture of one exactly like it in The American
Thresherman, many years ago. Courtesy of Carl B. Erwin, 100 S. Elm
St., Newkirk, Oklahoma 74647.


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