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The outfit used the derick with the wheat stacked in the field. A Jackson Fork raked it onto the derick table. Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Mitcham, Route 1, Mead, Washington.
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The picture is a 1882 case engine restored and owned by Willis Smith of Junction City, Oregon. Courtesy of Horley F. Hoover, 2700 S. Hill Street, Albany, Oregon.
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Unusual stone at Charles C. Idol yard. Courtesy of R. Dayton Nichols, 6128 Route 5, Stafford, New York.
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The picture is of an old Russel Traction Engine before being restored. Courtesy of C. D. Carlson, P. 0. Box 504, Grand Coulee, Washington.
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An assortment of steam engines, seen at the 1970 Kinzers, Pennsylvania, Rough and Tumble Steam Association Show. Courtesy of Denis McCormack, Box 26, Timonium, Maryland 21093.
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Steam on the Eastern Shore of Maryland A fine show at Federalsburg, Den ton, Maryland, by the Eastern Shore Threshermen & Collectors Association, Inc., with many thanks to the organizers and particularly to the Jim Layton Family. Courtesy of Denis McCorm
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This one half scale model Geiser engine was exhibited at the Booster's Labor Day festival at Clarksburg field, Clarksburg, Ohio, by Guy and Russell Sams. Courtesy of Russell Sams, 710 N. 4th Street, Miamisburg, Ohio 45342.
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The story to this engine was built first part 1970 by O. C. and E. A. Sanders. It has two Stanely steam engines under mounted, has three speed transmission shifts from rear. Will run 10 miles per hour in high gear. This picture was taken at Rosebud, Misso
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Taken from a picture 6 x 35'' there are 12 Bundle Wagons and a 4 horse water tank. The cook house is in background right side. Note the two beer kegs in front. This picture was taken south of Spokane as it shows the old Inland Empire Ry. On the left of th

The little engine on the right is a double under mounted STAR
with a 1962 A.S.M.E. code boiler; the engine in the middle is a 22
hp. side mount Keck Gonnerman just rolled out the shop the day this
picture was taken in May, 1970, showed at the American Thresherman
Inc. Show 1970 at Sigel, III., at the American Legion, Labor Day
1970. Virgel Jansen of Sigel was the engineer in charge at
Pinckneyville & Sigel. This engine is outstanding in all ways –
has a 150 Ib. III. certificate. Engine on the left is a 18 hp. Keck
Gonnerman rear mount, old faithful. Every engine man & some
that are not like & want this engine. It has a 150 Ib. 1970
certificate. No where are there better engines and you be the
judge. Courtesy of D. R. Bartimus, Rt. 1, Beecher City,


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