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Bud Wagner and Boiler Inspector Charles Cain inspecting the Woods Brothers Engine No. 426 which is owned by Miss Helen Woods. The engine is in excellent condition and passed the State Boiler Test without any trouble. This picture taken by Harry at the 196
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Guy Miller, of Ames, Iowa, has just applied a plug to a bursted flue in his Merry-Go-Round Engine and is applying the smoke stack. This is a real old timer being a cable drive design. Photo taken by Harry at the Old Settlers Reunion at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa,
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This is the way we sowed our oats. This is my brother, Erick, on the old three row seeder about 1917.
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Here is the fellow we can thank for all these old pictures. My brother, Gerhardt, by his 1917 Ford car. He bought himself an Eastman camera in 17 and it still works. He can still get film from the company.
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One of those ''Iron-Men'' my brother, Gerhardt, on one of his many loads of corn husked by hand. Notice two boards on top of the triple box. I remember the triple box would hold ninety bushels of oats.
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Three young farmers left to right: Reuben, myself and Herman in about 1917. Courtesy of Walter C. Bieritz, Route 2, Box 168, Yorkville, Illinois 60560.

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