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This picture was sent by Wilbur D. Wimmer, 750 Yuba St. Box 19, Redding, CA 96001.

Reader A.K. Kissel, Box 7583, Newark, DE 19714, sends us this
picture of a Peerless traction engine manufactured by
Emerson-Brantingham. Peerless steam engines were made by Geiser
prior to E-B’s purchase of Geiser in 1912.

Mark Corson, 9374 Roosevelt St., Crown Points, IN 46307-1840,
snapped this picture of an 1878 Blumentritt at the 1999 Cedar
Valley Memories show.

Paul Martons, Fair view , Okla. , Get some air while handling
Chaddy Atteberry’s 40 HP Case on the incline at the 2001
Pawnee, Okla., show.

A 1909 16-50 Port Huron, serial number 6213, owned by Walter H.
Jopke, 5230 Lincoln St. N. E., Minneapolis, MN 55421. Walter’s
search for information on this engine was chronicled in the
January/February 1998 issue of Iron-Men Album.

According to information supplied by Wilbur, this McLaughlin
steam tractor was purchased in 1908 to plow a drained swamp for a
land reclamation project in McArthur, Calif. Its enormous size and
weight proved a handicap, as it evidently spent much of its time
stuck. It is supposed to weigh 14 tons. If anyone knows more about
this steam tractor, drop us a line.

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