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Mrs. LeRoy Blaker, Secretary, National Threshers Association, clowning on the air calliope of Mr Owen Sitton at the 1954 Reunion. Mr. Robinson is making the music. Mr. Sitton is an authority on these air organs. Mr. Sitton lives on R. 5, Fort Wayne, Ind.
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The 110hp. Case No. 28654, new in 1912 at the 1954 Wichita Reunion. Owned by Herb and Harold Ottaway, 702 S. Hillside, Wichita 17, Kansas. Gentlemen! That is a brute. If a brick house got in its way it would not matter. The driver would never know it and
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The Old Bryan Ohio Steam Fire engine a sit was exhibited at the National Threshers Association, Montpelier, Ohio, 1954. Courtesy of O. E. Sitton, R. D. 5, Fort Wayne, Ind.
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Sylvester Fosdick, R. D. 3, Pontiac, Illinois, and his line up of equipment in July, 1951. Case SC, Case DC, Case CC and Ford truck. Operators, left to right: Joyce Fosdick, Mrs. Sylvester Fosdick and Esther Fosdick. Sylvester took the picture.
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Osborne No. 8 Reaper of 1881 vintage cutting the 1954 oats crop for its owner, John Hinkle of R. D. 1, East Berlin, Pa. John says it is the most fascinating machine in the harvest field. The cutting apparatus makes a sound like a steam engine
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Leo Huston's 25hp. Nichols& Shepard pulling a Red River separator in a 75 year anniversary parade in Watertown, South Dakota, 1954. The cleats were removed from the drivers and a belt attached to drive over the pavement. Courtesy of Lyman Matthews Groton,
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Miss Jean Roberts, Secretary of the Central States Steam Threshermans Association, McClean, Illinois, inspecting her father's double Frick while Mr. Rose prepares his model Avery Undermounted for the parade. We never bet on anything but we do know those t
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