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HERE THEY COME! The La Cross tractor that drives with lines. This is a familiar sight at the Mt. Pleasant Reunion. It never fails to draw attraction and comments. It is usually hitched to a buggy and parades the grounds. The 6 hp. Nichols & Shepard holds
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Gavel presented to the Northern Illinois Steam Power Club by Floyd Newhall, a Club member. The gavel was also made by him.
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Win Woodbury of Laingsburg, Michigan, 83 years of age, working on his son's mill. A good picture of a good man, and mill.
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This picture came to us some time ago and became misplaced. It is the only Peerless we have seen on rubber. The Hey Machinery Company of Baldwin City, Kansas, fixed this one up for a parade. (You may not like the design of a Peerless but they run as nice
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Idle since 1910 this Burkholder Stump Pulling machine was put into service again in November, 1957 by Don McIsaac and Tom Gurdziel, of Scotland, Ontario, Canada. Mr. Jim McGinnis, Vanessa, Ontario, Canada, is the proud owner of this antique machine. Accor
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Charles Nelson of Zion, Illinois, and Orwin C. Burmeister (in white cap) Secretary of the Wisconsin Historical Steam Rodeo, Inc., and owner of one of the few Buffalo Pitts with rear mounted cylinder. This engine. will again be on display at the Annual Rod
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The Line-Up at the Western Steam Fiends Reunion, September 5th, 1957. Left to right: 12 hp. Russell, Harvey Mikkelson, No. 15820; 12 hp. Russell No. 15815, Rodney Pitts; 16 hp. Advance No. 13703, Rodney Pitts 20 hp. Case No. 11614, M.T. & R.E. Oswalt and
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Joseph Lueken's 47-year-old 25 hp. Kitten engine pulling a 36x60 Kitten Separator, July 1951. They threshed over 1,100 bushels of oats in about 3 hours. Using 4 wagons and hauling from two different fields.
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Alan New, not yet a year old, with his grandfather Arthur New on the 20hp. A & R engine owned by Al New. Alan New steering the 18hp. Huber engine owned by his father, Al New. Alan New with the 20hp. Russell owned by his father, Al New. Alan has a 6hp. Cas
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A 19 hp. Port Huron compound engine painted, polished and steamed up for the Annual Fall Festival held at Laingsburg, Michigan, Labor Day. It is owned by Walter Woodbury and is operated in the use of the Saw Mill by he and his father, Win Woodbury, who is
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Huber engine with a Frick thresher, hand fed and drag stacker. Owned by Shell Bros., Hahn, Missouri. Picture is of 1900 vintage.
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