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Mr. Art Vaneys homemade Case engine threshing oats on their farm near Lyons, Kansas, August 30, 1958. Art built this engine on the farm. The separator is a nice 32 Nichols & Shepard.
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A platform view of Art Vaneys homemade Case engine. The nice thing about two steam gauges is that if you dont have steam in one you may have it in the other. That is a nice view.
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A corn shredding scene near Foster, Eau Clair County, Wisconsin. This picture is about 50 years old. At least they used steam then and a good engine
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Frank Miller playing with his New Heilman of 1916 vintage and it is an 18 hp. And we did not know there was a Heilman in existence. The picture is a little dark or hazy for good reproduction. We hope Mrs. Miller gets a nice clear picture of that prize
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20 hp. Aultman Taylor engine owned by M .L. Turner, Herrick, Illinois, and operated by Elmer Beck, standing on the platform. The engine was pulling a 36x56 A & T separator. The picture was taken about Aug. 1920
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Two big fat boys. They are not identical twins either. 110 Case and a, 20 hp. Avery undermounted at the Jack Kulish Ranch, Stanford, Montana. These engines are in running order.
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Mr. Frank Miller admiring his 1916 Aultman Taylor 30-60 tractor. It weighs .11 tons. That is one of the Babies you dont need to see where you are going You just go!
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Case 18 hp. portable belonging to Jack Kulish, Stanford, Montana. Jack is standing beside it. The engine is pulling a feed grinder, which it does every two weeks. This is a working engine and earns its keep. Jack keeps it in the best of condition

Courtesy of J. Elmer Sandburg, Salem, South Dakota

Early day threshing (1884) in Miller Gulchnow called Ramsey
Gulch, 7 miles north and 8 miles east of Salem, South Dakota

I received this picture from S. H. Sweet, Conova, South Dakota,
September 8, 1958. Mr. Sweet is 81 years old now. He was just a boy
when this picture was taken. Firing with wood and used a team of
horses to help pull and guide the engine. This is one of the first
steam threshing rigs in McCook County, South Dakota. It is a chain
drive but what make of an engine is it? (Elmer will take a guess a


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