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Reviving old memories at the 4th annual affair at Millers, August 1957
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In the March-April 1959 issue we showed a cut of the Keck-Gonnerman reverse supposedly the single and double Now here we have one which we think is a single engine reverse. It is very easy to be confused when looking at the cut itself. This cut is one tha
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4 hp. upright boiler and engine, which I built up this past summer. This picture was taken at a bridge dedication we had here at Blue River, Wis.
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A 20x75 hp. Double Cylinder, rear mounted steam engine, owned by Mr. Kadinger. Picture taken September 14, 1958, 11 miles south of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, at Al, Jack nd Nels Steam Threshing Demonstration held at Nels Westergards farm on Highway 77. Ka
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Case 60 and Case separator threshing a stack near Binbrook, Ontario. Outfit was owned by Tweedle and Lester of Woodburn, Ontario
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This is John Hundley moving a house in 1925, using an Aultman, Taylor and Keck 19. Mr. Cox on the tractor
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35 hp. Farquhar Portable steam engine that Runkles Machinery Company had sold in South America. This engine was overhauled and prepared for shipment by Bruce Bunting.
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65 hp. Case and W. Vann miniature Model Case, complete outfit at Souris Fair, 1956.
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In the Hay-June 1959 issue we had the story of this roller but missed the picture. Well here it is Howard Shaw and his father who is 68 years old, and the Kelly-Springfield No. 10880. Built July 1922 and she is lifting her safety valve after many years of

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