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The photois my wife and our two young future engineers - with the Keck Gonnerman. Courtesy of Ken Tegtmeyer, 45 No. Deveron, Pekin, Illinois 61554.
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Clover hulling with a Russell engine and Birdsell Huller in 1907. Courtesy of August J. Jutte, Route 2, Box 50, Ft. Recovery, Ohio 45846.
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The photo is my Nichols & Shepard. Courtesy of Ken Tegtmeyer, 45 No. Deveron, Pekin, Illinois 61554.
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Moving the 11,000 pound, 10 foot diameter flywheel of a Vilter Corliss steam engine from the John Havenstein Brewery, New Ulm, Minnesota. The engine powered an ammonia compressor for nearly seventy years and is still in excellent condition. It has been pu
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Two of my steamers - Photo was taken last Fall. The first one is a 22-65 manufactured in 1922. Note rubber pads bolted between lugs which works fine on paved or oiled roads. Both engines work fine. The back one is a 16 hp. Aultman Taylor. On the drivers a
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Picture was taken on the Garwood Farm near Stonington, Illinois, threshing wheat in the year of 1909. This was a new Minneapolis outfit. Courtesy of J. E. Brown, R. R. 2, Blue Mound, Illinois 62513. First in the picture is Charles C. Brown, my father, who
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Picture taken on Egbert's Farm at Botkins, Ohio, October 4, 1969. From I. to r.: Jack Egbert, son of late Elmer Egbert in middle, and on right is Wm. H. Johnson of Marion, New York, who came 550 miles to be with Egberts for Buckeye Steam Thresher Reunion.
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Jack Egbert and his late father, Elmer Egbert, are checking over the Buckeye Thresher that Elmer made on his farm in Botkins, Ohio, where they hold the Buckeye Steam Threshers Day in October. Courtesy of Abram E. Johnson, R. D. 2, Steurrys Road, Marion, N
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Wm. H. Johnson at Buckeye Steam Threshers at Egbert's place. The threshers in the background is a 32 x 54 Case in mint new condition. This Case thresher powered by the 65 Case when they thresh at Botkins, Ohio. Johnson was 80 last August and still likes
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Husking corn on the Johnson Farm October 11,1969, with McCormick Deering corn husker and shredder with 'ole 40 Case furnishing the power. A. E. Johnson, owner, is feeding the corn husker. This is an annual event and we hope to have a threshing sawmilling

Somewhere around the 1940’s, a good friend of mine invited
me to go with he and his father out to his grandfather’s
sawmill with them. I was around thirteen years old at the time. I
had heard Walt (the father) talking about the steam engine he had,
but I had never seen one. Well, how can I explain the feeling I had
on seeing the big Keck Gonnerman in action. I only know that some
day I would have an engine of my own. Now, twenty years later, my
wish has come true. I found an engine that I hope will be the
beginning of a collection of my own.

I bought myself a Nichols & Shepard Engine, No. 8643. It
hadn’t been fired for somewhere around ten years. Most of the
brass (whistle, pop off valve, injectors etc.) had been stolen off
the engine, but it was still a start for me. I attended the Show at
Pontiac this year in hopes of finding the parts needed for the N
& S. I met a lot of friendly people and decided on the spot to
join their fine club and subscribe to your very interesting and
helpful magazine.

I have not been able to find out the year my engine was made. It
came from somewhere in Michigan about ten years ago. If you could
steer me to where I could get more information about it I would
greatly appreciate it. I would like to hear from some of your
readers and if they can assist me, and also I would like to know
about the state inspection needed to operate it.

In 1910 my father purchased this machine from my grandfather,
which started my father in the threshing machine business.

At one time he owned and operated four outfits. He had to hire
engineers and separator men. D. R. Bartimus of Beecher City,
Illinois, used to come and run an engine for my father. I remember
him saying one time, ‘I don’t have to worry about Dick and
his engine as he is a first class engine man.’


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