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Noah M. Brubaker of Lewisburg, Pa., aboard his beautifully restored hundred-year-old 10 HP Nichols & Shepard.
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Case Heritage Assn. president Carl Turtle of Howell, ML, operating his 1910 30 HP Case engine.
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A 1915 50 HP Case engine with lots of optional accessories, owned by D. F. Carey & Son of Williamsport, Pa.

This unidentified photo was sent to us by Tim Sollman, 897
23/8, Clayton, Wisconsin 54004. Anybody
recognize the scene?

1923 30 HP Farquhar portable converted to a tractor, with unique
hydraulic front end leveling device to compensate for the short
wheelbase, owned by Paul Dotterer, Mill Hall, Pa.

A few highlights of the September 1995 Nittany (PA) Antique
Machinery Association show, hosting the 9th annual J.I. Case
Heritage Association Exposition. Photos sent by Thomas C. Wilfred,
P.O. Box 429, Gap, PA 17527-0429.

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