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Mr. and Mrs. Davis Sullivan and their 65 Case taken at the Sullivan Reunion, July 1954. Courtesy of T. H. Smith, Joliet, Illinois
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Gilmar Johnson's Indiana Tractor hauling- stumps prior to breaking new ground with the Case 50. May 29th, 1954. Driving the tractor is one of our youngest subscribers to the ALBUM, Dale Halonie, Webster, Wis. The man with the axe is one of our old time pr
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Gilbert E. Cowden of 1992 6 Norborne St., Detroit, Mich., on the Harrison (Jumbo) engine at the Mc Namaras Reunion, 1954. We are sorry but the owner of the engine was omitted. Courtesy of T. H. Smith, Joliet, III
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Mr. Harry Butcher of Franklin, III., about 1911. Bull Tractor. Courtesy of T. H. Smith, 611 Darcy Ave., Joliet, III.
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Steam Fire Engine owned by John Gault, Walton, Kentucky. Mr. Gault runs an antique shop and is a collector of old cars. Stop and see him when you are going that way
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Harveyand Robert James, sons of Leonard James of Napolen, Michigan, ages 16 and 12 years, starting oat to thresh oats, 1954. These two boys can run this Rumely 20-40 and Case 28x50 like veterans.
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Mr. John Luikart, R. D. 1, Rittman, Ohio, and the Peerless engine and sawmill he run during the First World War. This was in Monroe County and is called Fish Pot. Mr. Luikart is at the saw lever. Looks like a commodious bunk house
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Mr. Clinton D. Jackson's (334 N. State St., Mondovi, Wise.) 30 hp. New Huber mounted on rubber. The man in the foreground is Mr. Jackson's pastor, Rev. Harold Haugland. Clint says, Cousin Elmer isn't the only preacher intere
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Mr. Gus Beasoner of Shirley, Ind.,and his 12 hp. C. Aultman Star entrine bought in 1901. His first. Gus says, It was new in '92 and we still fire it up and have some fun.
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Mr. L. J. Inghram, 109E. 5th St., West Liberty, Iowa, engineering a C. Aultman Star engine in 1890. Mr. Inghram has his foot on the drawbar
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Here is Mr. F. J. Wood, the only living thresher manufacturer, and, left to right, Carolyn Knapp and Nancy Elledge. Taken at Wichita, 1954. We think this is a remarkable picture. Mr. Wood is about 80 years older than the girls and I am sure the girls will
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This 1906 Peerless was photographed February, 1954 and it looks as if it chugged right out of the catalog. The owner, Mr. J. H. Rhine hart, of Afton, Va., was about to junk this engine when his wife suggested (note who did the suggesting) that he place it
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The Holp family. 16 hp. Advance, Homer, Harold, Harley, John Sr., and John Jr. Taken at the Sullivan Reunion, July 1954. The engine is owned by Homer Holp. Courtesy of T. H. Smith, Joliet, III


This is a beautiful picture. I’ll just bet that many of you
will just sit and look for hours at that picture, letting dreams
collect and visions project. We cannot help but think that if Mr.
Scrwarzendruber had built an engine what a long heater it would
have had to hold the name. What a lot of ink it would have taken to
print the history in the ALBUM

Many oldsters stop, smile and recall fond days of the past,
while the youngsters view the engine with the idea that it is a
monster belonging to another world.

Does anyone know where another engine has been put to such use.
‘Picture courtesy of J. C. Cobb, Ronceverte, West Virginia.

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