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Mr. Ernest Cox, 1200 Cincinnati Street, Lafayette, Indiana, wants to know if any of the readers can tell him something: about this engine. He has no information whatsoever. He would like to have it for his collection.
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Phil Wetander, Kirkwood, Illinois, sends us this and says, Lake Wales Southern Railway. This is a nice Hudson type locomotive which operates on a mile track. I had the pleasure of operating it. Come down to Florida next winter and I will take you for a ri
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Harold Anderson, R. D. 3, Washington, Illinois, sends us this picture and says, Picture was taken at the State Corn Husking Contest. The contestants said they could not hear the bombs so I brought the Wood Bros., engine and put my steamboat whistle on. Th
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Reunion Gems
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Mr. Robert J. Segen, 555 E. 99th Street, Brooklyn 36, New York, built this engine and says, The engine was built from an old refrigerator compressor. Bore 15/8, stroke 1 . It was made by installing a new cylinder head thick with a piston valve and addin
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This is a grain cleaning and treating machine built by Jesse Barber, Lavinia, Iowa. He says, I have cleaned and treated 100 bushels of oats in 15 minutes. He has two of these machines.
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This is the shock and hay loader that Jesse R. Barber built when help' was scarce. He put a load on in 8 minutes. That was as fast as two men could handle it. He says he had this patented too late Threshing was about over then.
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Mrs. Weiss and her husband's 4 hp. Model Corliss steam engine. 3 inch bore and 7 inch stroke. It was built by a man in Alton and his widow' gave it to a high school some 25 years ago and no one remembers the name.
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Harvest Hands on their Way to the Wheat Fields of the Northwest, 1890 This was a painting and first reproduced in Harpers Weekly and then in the Minneapolis (Minn.) Sunday Tribune. It was made at Casselton, North Dakota. It records the fact that the Wheat
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The engine that powers the saw mill at MILLERS place. A 16 hp. Ault-man Taylor road engine No. 7883. It was new about 1911.
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The engine in the center is a Weedon walking- beam and the others are old German verticals. Both engines have boiler feed pumps mounted horizontally on side. Cylinders mounted vertically.
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Engine on right is a vertical boiler and horizontal engine geared to a dynamo. It was made in Bavaria. Engine on left is a German built vertical with boiler feed pump.

A homemade steamer. This engine was built by Mr. Bahre and his
son in their shop in McPherson from parts gathered here and there.
Mr. Bahre said the machine was patterned after a Case engine. He
said that when he started on the project a number of friends became
interested and when they had a pipe, a fitting, a wheel or
something they thought he could use they would bring it to his
shop. From this collection and the items Bahre made himself the
steamer grew into a machine that actually runs. The boiler, for
instance, was made from 18 in. casing, the flues are IV2 inch
tubing, the wheels are drill wheels cut down, there are some
tractor gears and other miscellaneous parts. It weighed 1730

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