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6 hp. Russell on the teeter-totter at Harvey Mikkelsons Steam Festival, September, 1958
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Jack K. Williams operating the 20-60 Case, threshing at the Mikkelsons 5th Annual Steam Festival. Get down Jack, and let me have it awhile Elmer
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36-120 Double Simple Rumely plow engine. 7xl4. Butt strap. Owned by N. H. Guswold, Pipon, California. (I doubt very much if that fence will hold it Elmer). Courtesy of Jack K. Williams, 1121 Hilltop Lane, Modesto, California
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12-36 Case and a 22x36 McCormick-Deering- separator owned by Harvey Mikkelson, Silverton, Oregon. That is surely a nice setting. Why are the Willows weeping?
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35 hp. Illinois engine No. 152, 11x12 cylinder, 200 lbs. pressure. Built in 1924. Weighs 43,785 lbs.
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This Huber recently purchased from J. D. Kadinger of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and hauled by Arnold Prestbye of Kalispell, Montana. Present bye and young son beside the truck. Basil Buckmaster, to whom the engine was delivered is on the truck.
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Here is an interesting hi-bred. 20 hp. Minneapolis boiler. 25 hp. Reeves engine built on a Mack truck by W. J. Coonrod, Center Point, Iowa Shown at all the Iowa Fairs. Courtesy Ray Ernst, Wayland, Iowa.
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Here is the Huber of Basil Buckmaster back on Mother Earth with the stack and canopy replaced. That is a good looking engine, Basil. There is something about a Huber I like I guess it is because they look as though they are going backwards when they are g
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Page 59 of the Steam Engine Guide seems not to have the letters on the cut in the right place. This was called to our attention by Mr. C. H. Dunham, St. Clair, Michigan, and we are herewith reproducing the drawing he made to correspond to the directions i
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